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Ideas wanted
OK......I know it sounds stupid, but its my Birthday so it's allowed.

Game Mode : Maximum Overdrive

All units move at 2x their normal speed. ( nothing else changes ) LOL
Wouldn't that be total mayhem then?

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
How about robot's war mode? basic tanks is only Robot Tank, Terror Drone and Chaos Drone WITH some alterations for this mode.
Sounds nice, although the Chaos Drone needs major improvements, since it cannot attack normally. Perhaps it could use some sort of other attack? Maybe something like a suicidal bomb?

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
but if you use that mode only robot tanks can attack buildins so id put like same wep as robot tank on t drone and c drone??? :dry:
Strange ideas, very curious...

I have another idea.

Here's the situation: I always thought that the countries in this game aren't unique enough. Only a single unit makes a country different from another (If you go even deeper, the UK would hardly have American accents, would they? Would the Cubans speak English, let alone with fake Russian accents? No...).

So I propose this: a game mode that makes each country even more unique compared to the next. A game mode where certain countries have certain overall bonuses/handicaps in weapon firepower, rate of fire, unit speed, unit cost, etc. etc. I'll need to create a good balance in stats to make this mode work - but I think the end result will be worth it.

Thoughts on this - yar or nar?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Then it's done. Now I just need to decide what exactly the strengths and weaknesses of each country should be. Here are the actual stats I can adjust (they will be adjusted by a certain percentage):

Overall aircraft speed

Overall armour for all buildings and units (not infantry)

Overall cost of everything

Overall firepower for all weapons

Overall speed for all ground-based units (not infantry)

Overall rate of fire for all weapons

Overall building/training speed for everything

Anyone care to give opinions on what stats should go for each side? E.g. Russia has a 8% armour bonus, but everything costs 6% more. Or, France have a 10% speed bonus but their overall weapon firepower is 9% down from normal. It'll be a lot easier on the players if each side only had two adjusted stats - one bonus, and one drawback. Thanks to everyone who gives input on this Wink

Well, I'm not sure of what stats each country should get, but I'd say for the Cost Multiplier to stay out of it. You might end up with very strange numbers, such as $1471, etc.

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Ok, this is a great idea, but will require a lot of work perhaps, depending on how unique you want them to be.

but anyway, some ideas
mainly for american armies:

America, should be like... the balanced side, it just feels right, but if you are alos adding more units for the sides, America would probably get a focus on air power.

My idea is, if possible, make their Harriers stert as veteran, give them another air unit as well, an A-10 or something...i dunno, you get the idea. Air unit focus! Make those transport helicopters usable in combat! (note i havent played your mod so i dont know what new feauters all armies have, so excuse me)

Korea on the ohter hand, gets black eagles, so again, we have air power. But, if america is to get veteran harriers, you might as well just give Black eagles a veterancy boost as well no? :wacko:
I'm not sure on korea. I remeber what unit i gave them once...the B-2 bomber, i'll explain that all later. It was realy wacked...

France, is a defence nation! Give all building an armour boost, 20% perhaps, make their prism towers, pill boxes, Patriots and all new defence structures cost reduction. Who knows wat u did to the grand cannon,but whatever it is, it's probably already good enough.

Britian, should focus on infantry, Snipers, veteran Gi's veteran GGi's perhaps.
Maybe a side-specific bunker for them! and you put snipers in them for defence! Maybe, could work. Also, consider boosting the Battle fortress, as it relies on ifantry.

Germany, get tank destroyers...but they were useless. i don't know what you have done to them in your mod, but im sure they are a lot better.
But germany should have two things...
A Sabatour-type unit (no not spies only, i mean C4 wise! wait, they have seals...aargh) and also, A very powerful tank, i say this because: in another game i have played germany gets King Tiger tanks, and they were completly awesome.
but anyway, consider giving their tanks a boost in armour, or weapons (tho, not a great diffrence, just a slight edge, 10% or so) I don't recomend that you give any tanks a vet boost. It would be fairly imbalanced i think...tho, i don't realy know...
I'm sure you'll work it out.

Now as for sov

These guys are harder to do because:

I am not sure on how you fixed that side, we all know that soviets were the worst side in yuri's revenge (this is a FACT not an OPINION...if you wamt to argue against that fact, please view some of the GameFAQS topics...mainly the biggest one... All answers found in there)

But anyway...i'll just give some brief ideas

Libya, Can eb suicide nation. Mkae sure demo trucks have no voice entrance noise (no "my truck is loaded") and are cheaper, like $900-1000 or so. heck, make, in my opinoin i would give them to everyone, but make the libyan one have no voice and also tougher armour...but thats me
Also, make libya terror drones more figure it's kind of a suicide unit isnt it LOL
Also, you could give libyan units less health but more firepower, making them very suicidal natured hehehe

Iraq...hmm, well, they get make them a Toxin general rip-off!
Give them some sort of radiation artillary or something
Make some tanks have radioactive shells
Make the flack track have a radioactive weapon instead...
Give them radiation mines of some sort...

...just some ideas

Cuba...i have no idea...move terrorists to Libya. make Cuba unique somehow...
Perhaps better navy..i dont think here...

Russia, well, Russia, like america, should be balanced, but give threm a focus on tanks i suppose... I would think on making tesla tanks useful, and giving them a nice bulky infantry unit...hehehe

also all their tanks should get an armour boost, as they are mother russian tanks!

...i kinda don't know for soviets as you can tell.

Also, is it impossible to make NEW sides? then you could split yuri into diffrent catergoires?
Well, new countries need the Rock Patch, which Whiteboy will not be using.

Sounds like some good ideas, but game modes are not about new units. They are about how the gameplay is affected by statistics. There are always exceptions but mostly they are of gameplay changes.

Every one of those things listed are countries and not factions. There is a difference.

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Darkmoonbeam... you missed the point of my post, but it's still input nevertheless... oh well, back to the question at hand - all I want to know is how I should set the country stats... and then there's the issue of Yuri. It would not make sense to adjust his stats since his faction is totally unique... perhaps he should remain unedited in this mode. I need a name for this mod as well - any ideas?

@ Wrath: I may, just may take out the cost multiplier from editing, but not for the reason that you'd get strange prices. If anything, strange prices would make the game more convincing IMO.

Also, this is a bit irrelavant: but

A very very long time ago when i was a newbie and using TibEd for *modding* (yes its true) I made some side specific units, some much much better then others...feel free to rate this if you want, i just want to share them with you hehehe. I always liked them, thought these days i leart what the word BALANCE and DECENCY means.

America: Harrier Ace. $1800... replaces the normal harrier
Has a faster speed, and carries three missles instead of one. But it also had to make three passes to drop it's three bombs, making it...balanced...sort of...

Korea: B-2 $7500... build limit one...
Replaces both the Prism tank and the weather storm (and again with the stupidity and newbieness of my modding i did)
The black eagle was still buildable...

It had 1000 Strength, didnt move too fast...and dropped a Spread=9 bomb that had radiation... the bomb annihlated everything and left only Construction yards and superweapons standing with very very little health...enough to be destroyed by two black eagles.

France: They had the super grand cannon... double powe requirment, needed battle lab, double cost...but also had double range and damage...very unfair yes?

Germany: Super Battle Fortress $3000... can hold 10 units instead of five, and also had more strength and a stronger gun...

Britian: High sniper... ooh im very fond of these, they were basicly rocketeers, but with a sniper weapon instead. They were....not realy that useful when you already had snipers...

Libya: Nuclear Sub...$4000, replaced thypoon sub. i could not make the sub fire a cruise missile, it kept crashing the game. So instead i chose to give it nuclear torpedoes...they had somethinlg like five spread...radiation, and was a 2 hit kill on naval shipyards... nowadays i could have done a lot better...

Iraq: They had...something...i cannot remeber what it was called but it was basicly very slow artillary, that lobbed radioactive shells. the shells had like spread 10 radiation that lasted a long time, but the actual shell did about 15 damage or something...
The tank itself was the slowest in the game.

Cuba: They had bomb cars... enough said.

Russia: No idea, i forgot. it's been 3 years or so since...

Yuri: hehe, i gave him a *devastator*, it was a tank, with 800 strength, slower then average speed and a gun which lobbed shells that had 2 or 3 spread, and was very powerful, as the shell was also fairly powerful... the devastator ws also immune to mind control.

i also gave him an *attack disc* which was a variant of the Floating disc, It lost it's abbility to hover over building and suck their power dry or steal money, but instead had a more powerful laser, and also had more strength.

...yeah, just wanted to share those...tho nowadays i can think of much much better, remeber these units were made like three years ago and have long since vanished.
Quote: Also, this is a bit irrelavant: but

Yes, it's very irrelevant. Please stick to the topic from now on.

Whiteboy since when have you been so serious Tongue

*since he has been on these forums I suppose*

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