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Ideas wanted
darkmoonbeam Wrote:Whiteboy since when have you been so serious Tongue

*since he has been on these forums I suppose*
Around here, you straighten out or you go in the Grinder! LOL
Hmm... I'm sure Yuri would be very pleased to hear that he has new credits ready... :biggrin:

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Lol. Well put it this way, I'm absolutely serious when it comes to modding. I'm absolutely serious about making this game mode balanced. I'm looking for input on how I should adjust the attributes. This is delaying mod progress - that's why I'm serious - I need input ASAP, not spam or off-topic antics. In fact, since we've now derailed.. I'll post it again.

I need to decide what exactly the strengths and weaknesses of each country should be. Here are the actual stats I can adjust (they will be adjusted by a certain percentage):

Overall aircraft speed

Overall armour for all buildings and units (not infantry)

Overall cost of everything

Overall firepower for all weapons

Overall speed for all ground-based units (not infantry)

Overall rate of fire for all weapons

Overall building/training speed for everything

Anyone care to give opinions on what stats should go for each side? E.g. Russia has a 8% armour bonus, but everything costs 6% more. Or, France have a 10% speed bonus but their overall weapon firepower is 9% down from normal. It'll be a lot easier on the players if each side only had two adjusted stats - one bonus, and one drawback. Thanks to everyone who gives input on this Wink

Well, let's get a start. I think I've got some ideas for the Allied ones.

United States: +11% Firepower, -6% Ground Speed
South Korea: +17% Air Speed, - 4% Armor
France: + 20% Armor, -9% Air Speed
Germany: +23% Firepower, +7% Cost (price goes up, not down)
United Kingdom: -10% Cost (price goes down, not up), -13% Rate of Fire

I'll think of the Soviet ones later.

EDIT: Since Yuri is a stand-alone faction (no country specific unit), I think he should get only benefits.

Psi-Corps: -15% Cost (price goes down, not up), +7% Ground Speed

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Interesting - not sure about France, the loss of air speed is not that significant compared to a huge boost in armour.

Yuri doesn't have a country-specific unit in any mode anyway - his side is unique. He doesn't need another unit, his side already has enough power. I'm not sure about changing his stats at all... but if so, reducing the cost of things would make sense (his international grinding antics and slave-driving make him rich) and also increasing ground speed makes sense with him too.

I think if you do use put attributs for the countrys then make the Russians "plus" attribute -cost because wouldnt the Russians be mass producing their tanks? Especcially since the Allied countrys would be investing more in technological research.
Ahh! I've completed the list (it's only my opinions, but I made sure to make them balanced a bit). Also balanced out France. Also, I'm using "Infantry Abilites," which means the speed and armor of Infantry and also "Mining Capabilities," which means how much they get from ore (not sure if I'm allowed, but it will provide some furthur options). The codes are listed in Deezire's INI Guide and also TibEd.

United States: +11% Firepower, -6% Ground Speed
South Korea: +17% Air Speed, - 4% Armor
France: + 20% Armor, -15% Infantry Abilities
Germany: +23% Firepower, +7% Cost (price goes up, not down)
United Kingdom: +21% Infantry Abilities, -13% Rate of Fire

Russia: -20% Buildtime Rate (less time used, not more), -17% Infantry Abilities
Iraq: +14% Armor, -8% Ground Speed
Cuba: +15% Ground Speed, -4% Mining Capabilities
Libya: +18% Rate of Fire, +11% Buildtime rate (more time used, not less)

Psi-Corps: +12 Mining Capabilities, +9% Ground Speed

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
a hero mode?
but that will get old fast
only heros can be built
wat u guys think?
Erm... That would not be good. Sounds really stupid...

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Lol, you say it meaner than me Wrath Tongue

Yes, I can edit the Slave/Slave Miner's ore collecting capabilities if I decide to - but not Cuba's mining abilities. I'm still not sold in the idea of giving only bonuses to Yuri - the other sides have a bonus and a drawback, so logically Yuri's side shouldn't be adjusted at all (since there's no other Psi-Corps to differenciate from). But if so, I was thinking to increase ground speed (or decrease cost) and decrease rate of fire.

But I like your thinking Wrath. Though I'm pretty sure I can't just edit all "infantry abilities" for France, Russia and the UK (at least not without some crazy coding that will take far too much time... I don't want to even go there).

So we'll have to think of something else in place of editing infantry abilites, and editing the Cuban mining capabilities.

Thanks for your input so far Wrath.

Oh, BTW, never mention TibEd...

I'm thinking you should just leave Yuri alone, given that he is unique as it stands...

I like the idea of this game mode - it's like RA
I had memories of RA in mind when thinking of this mode, heh Tongue

Much to Wrath's disappointment, I'm most likely not going to change Yuri in this mode...

Actually, infantry abilities is just the infantry armor multiplier and the infantry speed multiplier (forgot what the code name was). It's just as easy as the rest (I've tried it before Wink )

Hmm... I'll correct Cuba: +15% Ground Speed, +4% Cost (price goes up, not down)

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Interesting... I'll research the ability to edit infantry like this. Thanks Wrath Smile

You could consult Deezire's INI Guide, or ask Mooman. He has used the same codes for his mod Yuri's Revenge Squared (just the codes, not the ideas).

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]

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