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News on progress
The purpose of this topic is for me to post little tidbits of info about the mod's progress. At least until I begin work on the new WR site over at cncdepot ^_^

OK everyone, I know this mod has been delayed a LONG time but in that time, I have frantically been working on the mod every single day, sometimes until about 6AM. For about 2 months. Which is a big achievement, whichever way you put it.

What have I been doing all this time? Tweaking every single aspect of the mod. I am doing my darned best to ensure that the mod will be a balanced, unique and excellent experience. I could have stopped working on version 1.5 and called it complete months ago - but now my standards have risen and I can't help but tweak and tune-up things - from game rules to game modes to graphics to sounds, even text desccriptions.

In short, I apologise for the long development time, but it will be worth the wait Big Grin

Right now, I am creating a bunch of new cameos to replace the old ones (by "old" I actually mean the "new" ones featured in Beta 4), I am awaiting the last few graphics assets from F-G (and maybe a map from him too), I am trying to fix a lighting problem in a certain map, and I am doing much testing. Once everything's polished off, I will gather signups for Beta 5, and after feedback from that I will release the mod. It's about 6.26MB now - already much larger than Beta 4's 4.39MB filesize.

One thing I have to consider is AI. At the moment, the AI is pretty tough since it attacks more frequently (and is generally mor ebeefed up). If I decide to type up a dedicated AI file for the mod, the AI will build the new WR units... which will make the game harder if I have anything to do with it Tongue But this will further delay the mod by quite a bit.

If I postpone AI for version 1.5, I could always make one for a version 1.6 (or even release the AI file as an upgrade to 1.5). The benefit of that is the mod's release will be sooner.

What do you think? Postpone the AI and stick with the current (still tough) AI to save time, or further delay the release to include the ability for the AI to build the new WR units? Make your decision people Rolling eyes

(Note: the AI already builds the new WR structures)

That should've been a poll Wink

I say do at least some AI now.

Nah, no poll, this is a news topic not an AI topic. Does that mean I'm off-topic? :oops:

Do some AI eh? SOME? I didn't expact that answer LOL But of course I take it into serious consideration, like any other suggestions I may get. Anyone else?

I'd say do the AI.
AI is never done. If you do a lot of AI, you're not done. If you do a little AI, then you're not done. Same thing. So, do some AI.

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Do some AI Big Grin
I have a funny feeling that I should do some AI...

I'd best get on MSN then Tongue

Just like you do for about 16 hours every day. If you don't get some rest, you'll end up looking like my avatar. Wait, you're not far from it...

actually, i think he might become more like his own avi, unless DCoder happens to have horns

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Avi and sig by MrRuben

If you want a bit of PHP coding done, or a really basic consol based C++ or Java program, PM me, i'll give it a try

This is good news. With the sudden resurrection of Entith, development time could go way down. Now all I have to do as far as AI goes is communicate with him - a lot. I want this AI to be integral... I don't believe in half-hearted attempts. If I decided I am going to go ahead with AI, it will be going FULL STEAM ahead Big Grin

... and to add to that, yes I will be getting help from DCoder. So props to him Tongue But of course it's not just me he's helping, Entith is the official WR AI-guy. I'll be telling him the various taskforces etc. and all about the units... until he actually gets the game. Thing is, he cannot test it. He has no RA2 CD to install YR from.

Entith, I told you how cheap the game is - there's no way the "other" method of obtaining it will survive uncorrupted...

Of course you could do it the traditional way and just find some kindhearted soul to lend you the game until you install it. There must be SOMEONE you know who cares Smile

Some Ai is good lol. GET THIS THING GOIN!

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You know, I just had a relevation of sorts. I was playing CannisRules for what is pretty much the second time ever (the first being years ago). I noticed one very important thing that really contributed to the gameplay: AI. I have always been more focused on the gameplay of my mod more than graphics or anything else. How could I NOT have AI for V1.5? I will make AI, and hopefully it will be clever and surprise people. Because better AI = better mod.

There have been several releases of CR: 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8. Version 1.0 had some new AI, not much but some. I've added a bit with each version, until it's where it is now. Each version has been better than the one before, but I don't consider it done by any means.

Like I said -
Quote:AI is never done. If you do a lot of AI, you're not done. If you do a little AI, then you're not done. Same thing. So, do some AI.

Just do some. When it's not fun to do, then stop. You can always pick it up again at a later date.

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.

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