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News on progress
Iono, In regular YR, I can own the 3 Brutal AI on my own, with all that new AI in CR BoP I always get beat down, and surprise attacks, lol, annoying. Its almost to hard to beat Tongue

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
OK, AI is now on the table. Well back on topic for now. I am finishing remaps/missing frames for SHPs. I recently completed the Research Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral) and the White House. One slight problem - the cathedral has snow on it. I could not remove it, with all my graphics editing powers Unhappy So now I need some kind of story behind the pernament snow. (Yes I did look for a new SHP to use altogether and considered making one from scratch, but the game's own cathedral is so good already).

So far the "story" is the Soviets decorate their Research Cathedral with fake snow to remind them of the Fatherland. They get very sentimental on the battlefield sometimes you see, and the cold look of their great cathedral (or at least it's replica) drives them with firey passion.

How's that Tongue

I would show the assets, but not right now... they can be adopted for other mods since they are civ things. So maybe in the private forum, but not yet...

Two more SHPS remain to be edited: the Infantry Bunker (civ bunker) and the Kremlin. Again, I cannot find a way to remove the snow so the Kremlin may have to have "fake inspiring snow" on it too Tongue One drawback of the Kremlin is the tall size of it, which could obscure views slightly. I considered resizing it, but there is a limit of 1 for this, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Aside from these remaps, I was also considering remaps for some infantry. Things like the T-Rex, the President/Romanov, cow etc. it would certainly add more polish to the mod.

And on top of that, there's also the final batch of SHPs from F-G. These are new flags representing the three factions and a new Yuri Psychic Comm. Center (and perhaps an edited tower thing but that's not particularly neccessary). F-G was also supposedly making a new WR map that I have yet to test for the second time.

OK, that'll do for now Tongue

Shouldnt it be "Motherland" and not "Father" ?

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
"Fatherland" is a German term, IIRC. Russians use "Motherland".

Heh, I remember now - Fatherland definately is German. "Motherland" is the accepted Russian term. I wonder how many other countries use "Fatherland"?

News update: Just got the snow version of Kremlin to finish now. Then all SHPs are done - except for the ones F-G is working on. I'm eagerly awaiting those... (and BTW F-G, re-doing that CMP isn't really neccessary - unless you think you really can improve it Tongue)

Good. THe new Beta coming out soon?
I'd say so - I won't bother making the new cameos yet. As soon as the SHPs are complete, I'll release Beta 5. It will be pretty complete - just lacking tweaks here and there, and cameos, and AI. Be warned - the mod is now around 7MB - reasonably larger than Beta 4's 4.5MB filesize. BTW YR90, are you ever on MSN? I haven't seen you online for a long time.

The main testing will be online matches, mainly with me, wthigon, YR90, Truefeel (is he accepts the offer), and Dark-Assasin. But I'd also like for testers to play skirmish mode a bit - test out the new modes, give feedback on balance, AI difficulty, any bugs etc. etc., you know how it works Tongue

I'm damn near always on MSN. I saw you on the other day, but you were away for like 3 hours. Unhappy
We must be in vastly different timezones...

yuriruler is in maryland, US while i was somewhat closer than yours.
Whiteboy Wrote:(and BTW F-G, re-doing that CMP isn't really neccessary - unless you think you really can improve it Tongue)
Shadows and build-up aren't enough? Tongue
Well, I suppose I can't really complain Big Grin

BTW the timezone I'm in is New Zealand GMT+12. I'm online mostly in the evening, to early morning...

Ok, I'm pleased to say that I've finished the Kremlin SHP snow version. It's all up to you now, F-G Tongue

sure I want to test, but then we need to plan very good when we are going to do it, as I live in Belgium.

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