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News on progress
I am GMT-5 lol.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Ditto. GMT -5, EST for me.
GMT +8.00

guess i'm the closest one Tongue
OK guys, so you don't have to wait much longer for the next Beta, I'm gonna just go ahead and release it in ooh, let's say 5 days. I am currently waiting for some SHPs but I suppose they don't neccessarily have to be put into this Beta - they can wait till the final release Tongue Sorry for any pressure F-G Tongue

There wil still be a few "imperfections" with this Beta but I don't intend to work on them until after I release it. The big ones are obviously missing cameos, one or two unfinished/not final SHPs, and missing AI. Apart from that, the mod's pretty much done.

Look out for a new thread soon in the Beta testing forum Tongue

I'm amazed to see how it has progressed. I was the first beta tester for this mod, so i'm really looking forward to how much it has changed! Big Grin
Indeed, you were the first tester of Beta 3. I think I had a few testers before Beta 3, but none of them are memorable Tongue This goes waaay back, I'm talking Christmas 2003 here...

Yah. Aggggges ago.

You know you want to send me v1.5 right now Tongue

Well I really wish I could release it now. But I can't... still, I'm doing my best, won't be too long now.

Hes not kidding, you can here him whining on about the state of the world while modding at 3 AM at night...

J/K Tongue
Actually you're very right EagleMC... but one thing's wrong. It's usually about 5AM...

Update: I have just re-released the original version of the mod, and I have dubbed it "V1.0 2005". Changes are a new mod launcher, better documentation, and a bugfix that ensures the campaigns work properly. Head over to the mod's official (and soon to be made redundant Tongue) site: Whiteboy's Rules HQ

WTF ?? WB 1.5 is almost ready and you update the old one ?? doesn't make any sense :rock:

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
It took me literally half an hour to organise and put together. Knowing there'd be a post like this, I already planned my reply. I hope you enjoy it:

IT'S BETTER THAN NO RELEASE AT ALL and also stfu n00b. How's that? Tongue

Naw, seriously, the original version can now be seen as a "mod that juices up the campaign mode" thanks to that bugfix. Also, I did it to replace all existing downloadable versions of the raw original mod - because the readme in that version is very old and I wanted to convey as new message: that vesion 1.0 is crap Tongue

So basically this 30-minute job has had no effect on V1.5 development whatsoever. In other news, prepare for Beta 5, in just 1.5 days now... which proves this statement Wink

Whiteboy Wrote:IT'S BETTER THAN NO RELEASE AT ALL and also stfu n00b. How's that? Tongue
you said that WB 1.5 beta is almost ready, let's see... I'm guessing one more beta and then the mod is ready in a month. of course, I can't help it if you suddenly cancel the mod Tongue

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
Note: it may be percieved that by saying "It's better than no release at all" refers to any mod release period. Well, FYI, what I really meant there was that releasing V1.0 was like a "free gift" - it's better to have a free gift than to not have a free gift - this is no way affects version 1.5.

Nevertheless, I'll see you after class Truefeel Wink

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