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News on progress
?? al mods are free.

omg, you haven't in mind to let people pay for the mod, are you ?? LOL

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Course I do! Pre-order it today and you'll also get a free T-Shirt saying Truefeel sucks and is a n00b. :biggrin:

WTF ?? I thought we were talking about the mod and not me. stick to the point, dude.

btw my name is copyrighted. use it, and you can pay me Tongue (go sell you house already LOL )

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hush now children, hush Tongue
I'm happy to say that, after adding in several things at the last minute, at almost 7AM (not went to bed yet), Beta 5 is finished. I will release it to testers in about 7 hours from now. Quite a bit has chaged from Beta 4. Also, the mod's official site was updated after a LONG time.

I will basically be wanting as much feedback as possible for this beta - it will most likely be the last. One thing of importance is campaign mode - I want this mod to fully support it with no problems. I know a way to do this, but first I need someone to test and see if it's even possible to complete the first mission in either campaign...

I'll sleep now, I really need it. See ya in a matter of hours!

*waits happily for testing Tongue
It's been 7 hours. Tongue
Yeah, but y'all would probably have to wait awhile, since Whiteboy ain't showing up...

*waiting for testers to file in good reports so the next version of the mod can be released*

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*files reports that take 3 weeks to read* Tongue
I'm alive. Just fell asleep suddenly without warning and woke up much later than I thought. Anyway.

Beta 5 is now available for download by testers. I am PM'ing all Beta testers - if anyone thinks they've been forgotten, PM me and I'll see about giving you the mod as well Wink

YAY! :biggrin: The mod's closer to being released! :biggrin:

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Hopefully I'll be done before Christmas. Although I said the very same thing last year...

OK, new update...

campaign mode is currently under some experimentation, because I want it to work with the mod. Without any drawbacks. More on that later, I might even write up a tutorial of how to do it - it's not the same method as Cannis used (defining buildings in the multiplayer mode inis). Hopefully all this will go according to plan.

Then there's about 11 or so cameos... which won't take too long, and multiplayer modes, which I am thinking of once again. I'll need some input as to what kind of modes people would like to see, and how they are combined across the different mode types.

Then there is AI, perhaps also a map by F-G (and edited by Truefeel), and one or two final SHPS from F-G. Eagerly awaiting those Tongue

And then... that's it. All coding and everything else is finished. I said Beta 5 would be the last Beta, but I'm considering sending another Beta to a select few people, for final tests, since the mod has changed more than expected since Beta 5.

If everything falls into place, we're looking at an earliest possible release of Christmas this year. Latest release could be about March... I'm giving it my all, folks Wink

Hmmm, sounds interesting. Smile
Yes, definately. I'll be looking forward to this new release. :grin:

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