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The Official Whiteboy's Rules Screenshot Topic
Hey people - at long last, I decided to take some screenshots. They are from a very brisk testing session, and thus aren't quite what I could be posting here, but they are better than no screenshots at all Tongue

Feel free to post your own screenshots of the mod here, making sure you mention which version you took it from. Beta 5 will feature quite a few new graphics BTW, so expect it to look slightly different from Beta 4.

Of course, these screenshots do not reflect the final mod's design. They are from Beta versions, and hence can change as the mod progresses. Oh, and try to forgive the low quality JPG format for these first 4 screenies Smile

[Image: SCRN0001.jpg]

What the heck happened to this ship? It's flying!

[Image: SCRN0002.jpg]

The Allies prepare for war. Again.

[Image: SCRN0003.jpg]

President Duugan gets in on the action.

[Image: SCRN0004.jpg]

The power of the Allied navy... is actually even stronger than demonstrated here!

In all of these screenshots I was the gold player BTW... I was all but defeated at the hands (should that be CPU's?) of the relentless AI.

Nice scrennshot here Whiteboy =P

This mod will be relly good Big Grin and fun
that was hell for my modem Tongue

[Image: sigentith.gif]
Avi and sig by MrRuben

If you want a bit of PHP coding done, or a really basic consol based C++ or Java program, PM me, i'll give it a try
Sorry about your modem Entith Big Grin

#5 call those screenshots....i'll give ya screenshots... :upside:

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Haha, You should have taken some from our venture yesterday.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Me And Wthigon vs 3 Hard AI.
[Image: ssone.JPG]
[Image: sstwo.JPG]
[Image: ssthree.JPG]
[Image: ssfour.JPG]
[Image: ssfive.JPG]
[Image: sssix.JPG]
[Image: finalscore.JPG]

Final Scores :

Me-----------587 94--------177-----808982

Wthigon-----389 154------66------476700

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Damn, you make me look like some kind of super-n00b when it comes to art direction... pretty good screenshots there (where's the gates and walls though? You can't have an organised base without them! *grrr*).

You're obviously pretty good at YR D-A. Better than wthigon (better hire a lawyer wthigon) and YR90 (you too). But not as good as me. Smile

Keep 'em comin'!

Which map is that in the screenshots D-A? It looks good for building large bases (and raking in the $). Is it a modded map? I'd like to have it if that's OK with you.

Its someones map I got from WOL. Next time we play we can play together.

Its a No Frills map though

Just basically a good functionality map.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
This is a game on my map (Return To Egypt)
Me and Dark-Assasin playing 2v2

[Image: scrn00374hs.jpg]

[Image: scrn00385dj.jpg]

[Image: scrn00405ib.jpg]

This last one is from the map Matrices by Dark Scorpion. Available at C&C Depot
[Image: scrn00435xv.jpg]

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
I have discovered, that If I play with any country other than Iraq, I suck I cant be allied, and I cant even be russia, I dont even build the Desolators, but I just cant hack it w/o Iraq.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Romanov says...
[Image: wr37nl.jpg]

[Image: wr11jx.jpg]
[Image: wr29pf.jpg]
Dark Assassin, stop playing noob maps and get on REAL maps. I just tried 4 vs 1. Hell, I at least lasted an hour. LOL

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