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The Official Whiteboy's Rules Screenshot Topic
I can have a game also it just has to be WR 1.0 i don't have the beta my online name is

i have a problem does anyone know where i can get the latest westwood internet components for yr?
Hmmm, you mean Westwood Shared Internet components? If you need them, just go into the setup for YR, and check only the shared internet components box. Actually, it could be the RA2 setup, or even TS/FS... I can't remember :/

But use XWIS if you want to play online. It's usually the best choice...

How do i get XWIS? for TS/FS i use that program which changes it from wol to xwis what do i do to change wol to xwis in yr?
WB, can u please answer my last question ??

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
Huh? You asked me a question? Not that I can see Tongue

BTW, I tested your map, some comments coming your way on MSN soon...

PK, it's the same program. The XWIS utility changes the server to the XWIS server for TS/FS and RA2/YR. All you need for it to work in YR is a legal version of the game (valid CD key) and a WOL nickname registered to that key. Better pray you have a legitimate key...

i dont know when are you online

i just want to join in game
Grrr, wrong topic again... this is the screenshots topic. Please post elsewhere geno. And you can only play V1.0, since the beta of V1.5 is private and only available to testers.

ok, i just want to be a tester too heh....
Nope, sorry. All positions are taken, at least until someone drops out Tongue Besides, you only want to be a tester so you can play the mod, not so you can do some voluntary work in testing an upcoming mod. I can sense it...

i have plenty of time to test for you man. plus i need the experience....
So there's you an geno and zelab and some other guy who I forgot... man I need to release this mod. Urge to release... rising!

(Runs to finish the SHP's)

Flag anim still not done yet (needs to match first and end frames).
Nice naval in 2nd sreenshot (page 1) What are they?
Those long ones? They are Railships, which fire long-range high-power railguns with a low rate of fire. They can also attack aircraft to some extent. They are quite useful, but useless if you want to attack something higher or lower than the ship...


Tongue By the way, how would you like to add remaps to a few voxels F-G? It's just that some vehicles in WR have none and therefore you can't tell who it belongs to...

And how's the Psychic Communication Center coming along? Big Grin I still have to decide on a final name to use for it... maybe I'll just keep what it is now.

Command Tower: Done. Needs being packed and released.

YRPCM: Needs the remaps to be fixed (the red remap turned brown :oo: )

Voxels:I even made one from scratch. (but is a bit "tiny" in-game)

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