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The Official Whiteboy's Rules Screenshot Topic
Heh, thanks F-G. Nice swiss cheese barrels on that old flame truck BTW Tongue I'd love to see what those flags are like, you don't even have to make them remappable - I can do that. I can do SHPS, but I can't do voxels... it would be great if you could make a few voxels remappable. Of course, you don;'t have to do so. But it would help move the mod's progress along. Tell me what you think.

The screen shots look really good! I can't wait until this mod is released, you're doing a superb job!
Aww, thanks, that just boosted mod production speed by 0.1% LOL

WB, that was like 3 months ago. man!

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Well, you just revived the topic as well...

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Yeah... btw, new screenshots are coming up, on the mod's site. Maybe I'll upload them here too...

Whiteboy Wrote:Aww, thanks, that just boosted mod production speed by 0.1% LOL
if i made a account called whiteboy rocks would it boost the production?
Probably. It would also give us a laugh. Wink

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
Of course, no one likes a suck upSmile
Nerdo Wrote:Of course, no one likes a suck upSmile
That, and multiple accounts are also generally frowned on. Wink
Well you guys deserve some new Screenshots :biggrin:

[Image: YuriWhitehouse.jpg]
YURI in office. Big Grin

[Image: YuriPentagon.jpg]
Yuri's changes to the Pentagon. Big Grin

[Image: HighDefence.jpg]
And a REALLY NASTY place to be if you are not part of this army.

More screenshot to come :biggrin: maybe Tongue

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Nice, screenies Smile But they are a bit small, aren't they?

'Nuff said, good night Smile
Ok, 'nuff not said. I think I should mention that these are still from an older version of the mod. It's newer than Beta 5 but I can see that in those screens, there's quite a bit that's already changed. Such as some SHPs and some names (e.g. "Whiteboy" is no longer in the mod - it's changed to Warlord). Also, keep in mind that I haven't even started on the cameos yet...

The 7 screenshots that are new to that site are all near the end of the page, and are all taken by HopalongTom, a campaign mode tester/general mod supporter Smile

Well Quick Skirmish test.

[Image: score6qe.jpg]
Thats 824 Kills 41 losses. Note: from an old Beta.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Show off Tongue

But that's easily beatable... hehe

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