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To replace or not to replace.
It's just hit me that the Assault Police Car is a bit cheesy. Yuri's Modified School Bus makes sense (it's a transport that he modified), the Soviet Double Decker Paradox Bus makes sense (the Sovs modified a double decker bus with slight chrono-expansion technology) and the Stealth Limo even makes sense as a transport with an installed stealth generator.

But the Police Car is a bit weird. It's just a car, yet apparently the Allies added 2 potent weapons and armour. I want to change the image of this thing to something that looks like a high-tech tank, or even a Mech. I'd also change the name. I was thinking "Deity Tank".

The weapons it has I definately don't want to change, but this is a poll and I'd like you opinions. Primary weapon is a long range "freezing" beam that literally stops buildigns and vehicles from doing anything (they cannot be attacked when "frozen"). Secondary weapon is medium-range mini-missiles that can target infantry and aircraft.

I think that such a weapon package looks a bit strange coming from a humble police car. Tell me what you think. It'd be nice to post images of what you think it should look like, as well as ideas for names Tongue

My vote is change it into another vehicle completely. It doesn't seem feasible to change or modify your "ordinary" police car into such a high tech vehicle, especially one suited for any type of military application in an urban setting. Even a prototype with a freeze warhead sounds crazy. But I do realize this is a game...

I say change it to a mech or a tank.

As far as imagery goes I will look around and see if I can find something...

EDIT: Here is what I found:

1: Chrono Prison
[Image: cronoprism.JPG]
2: Soviet Repair Vehicle
[Image: sovrepar.JPG]
3: Tank 05
[Image: tank05.JPG]
4: Soviet Mech
[Image: mech.JPG]

All from:MadHQ's Productions

Just so messed up I couldn't help but NOT show it...
King Kong:
[Image: gorrilabig.JPG]
Take the Fortress voxel, shrink the Y axis to 5-10%, make it a ground vehicle, and voila, a "Javelin" Tank.


OK, that was the weirdest thing I could come up with. So what?

recolour wolverine from ts into allied scheme and use that.

tadaa Tongue
That Chrono Prism particle mentioned might look good. ^_^

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
indeed, sort out some of those silly blank white spaces and you're settled Tongue
king kong? i was expecting chrono nuclear bananas of flyin.... nevermind Tongue
zero2 Wrote:king kong? i was expecting chrono nuclear bananas of flyin.... nevermind Tongue
Not that again... Tongue

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
I'm going with MadHQ's Chrono Prison one, definately. It looks like just what I need. There's no need to "sort out the silly blank white spaces" because it's actually a chrono-like sphere, which suits this unit's main weapon - a temporal freezing beam.

@DC: yes, that has to be one of your worst ideas. What's it gonna do, poke the enemy to death?? LOL

That King Kong, uh... thing is bleedin' awesome Big Grin Since Yuri can train Monkeys in WR, maybe Kong can be the "Monkey Prime" or something. Heheh... suffice to say, I will not be using it.

Now I just need to think up a new name. I was thinking something beginning with "D". Debiliator? Diminisher? Disabler? Or not beggining with "D": Temporal Assault Vehicle? Slayer? Assaulter? Super Big Bad Tank Of Doom? Give me ideas people before I go crazy Tongue

i thought you were thinking Deity Tank as mention above? :upside:
I was, until I saw the voxel. That voxel doesn't look like a tank. It looks like... a Magnetron. Hmm, how about Assaultron? Missletron? Exterminator?

EDIT: Screw all those names. It will be called the "Enforcer". Why? Because it enforces the WILL OF THE ALLIES on the battlefield. Enforcing the will to kill enemy infantry and aircraft. Enforcing a temporal field around buildings and vehicles. And... just lots of enforcing. It also sounds plain cool.

Yay or nay? Yay I say, and whatever anyone else can come up with, I don't care about. Dare to prove me wrong, biotches?!

It's good enough, so don't go swearing on us. Wink

[Image: wrathsig9dz.png]
I was thinking Chrono Displacement Vehicle or Temporal Displacement Vehicle.

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Wrath Wrote:It's good enough, so don't go swearing on us. Wink

I didn't, I said "biotches" which is a South Romanian term used to describe the highly educated :upside: Tongue 2h34r:

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