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it's going to be the tech lab. also, WB, I'm now finished with the map (you will get it after I got reply from flak), but I think 65 x 65 is rather small. I was thinking of resizing it to 100 x 100, if you argee with it of coure. of course, this means you will have to wait for the map a little longer.

about the clustermissile: as it is supposed to be a kind of superweapon, 37 range isn't far; 100 or 150 would be an acceptable range. this is for you to decide, of course, but I don't think you have something on that superweapon with range 37 if you are playing on 100 x 100 and your enemys base is on the other side of the map while the superweapon is in the middle of the map

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
SO whats the deal lol. I came here every day for a week, and there was like 3 replies, I dont come on for 2 days and there are like 20 replies!! lol

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It's because this is the public part of the forum DA Big Grin

@Cannis: got it Tongue. The Machine Shop is actually not so much of a Soviet building as a tech building that the Soviets can build... but I was talking rubbish really. That building is changing back to it's default state and I am making a new version for the Soviets that is part of their tech ladder (kind of)... point is, I don't want it to be used in truefeel's map.

@truefeel: once Flak has checked it, send it my way and I'll say whether or not it's too small. The Cluster Nuke is very much a superweapon - just not with the same range. It has immense firepower you see, and it doesn't take 10 minutes to charge. If you saw it in action you would see what I mean. Anyway, once I see the map I may change the tech building. Thanks.

map send. I added tech machine shops anyway in the map (+ oil derricks + tech lab).

EDIT: whoops, I've forgotten to say it needs TX.

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
Damn! I didn't want the map to require the TX. Do you know that less people will play the map if they have to download the (large) TX? Looks like I'll have to make the mod TX compatible now.

...and that just means telling players that to use the official mod map(s) they will have to download the TX. Since i don't currently plan to include a bunch of new tilesets or trains or anything in this mod...

Ah well. I suppose it's for the better that as many players as possible get the TX to play all those pretty new maps. I just downloaded "below Sea Level" by Cannis - looks good even before I play it! So from now on, I am an official supporter of the TX.

Okay truefeel, I'll go and test the map now (plus some other TX maps, and non-TX maps, just to make sure WRV1.5 doesn't conflict with the expandmd06.mix file). I'll tell you if I would prefer a larger version, also you will need to give it the proper naming convention (put "(TX)", no speech marks, before the map name).


believe me; TX is a very good mod Wink that comes with other great mods; CR for exemple.

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
Hmm, it's not worth my mod actually coming with it. There are version/update issues, permission issues, and my mod doesn't have any special TX terrain or anything like that. It's just the map(s).

And that map is excellent truefeel. Thanks a lot! Check your email BTW Big Grin

And I'd just like to take this oppourtunity to say I sent Cannis a PM. wthigon is about to join the beta testing team Big Grin

Modders don't actually have to do anything. The TX almost entirely stands by itself.

Go to marshall's site and get the UMP. It tells you what you need to add for the TX (it's all just code to enable waterfall animations, and to adjust draw-order issues with tunnel entrances). If you don't, then the new waterfall anims won't play, and a large voxel unit parked at the top of a tunnel might be drawn over the tunnel archway. That's all that would happen.

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.
thx, WB, for the good comments. more of them will come in the future; but on the moment, I make maps for myself (some of them might come public, thought).

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
Hey whiteboy, perhaps you can use my latest map for Assault mode, The Mountain... If you want to

ps. it got an Tumbs up award from RADEN.

that will surtenly please WB Big Grin .

[Image: truefeelsra2yrsig3kn.gif]
It surtenly does Tongue If it's for Assault mode only, are you planning on giving it to Cannis for use in the third Assault map pack? Also, does it require the TX?

Anyway, I'll test the map out. Is it on RADEN? A link would be nice (I'm rushing today). If I decide to use it as another "Official map" for Whiteboy's Rules V1.5, I'll tell you... and give you credit for it of course Big Grin

Thanks nucl34r14 Big Grin

BTW, I may want to use Finalalert at some point.. but alas, I have an ancient version (which I cannot even use - a virus corrupted it on my last PC). Using Google got me nowhere in my search of the latest version of FA... can anyone either point me to a link or simply send me the setup file for it? Email is

Thanks again!

I feel a new psot is needed for this: I STILL NEED AN ARTMD.INI EDITOR. This is to just help out with some tidbits of code relating to a structure or two... also it would be great if someone could edit one or two SHP structures for me... it's simple stuff but I am not a SHP person outside of cameos and basic structures... I do not want to spend modding time on art and graphics when I couold be spending it on taskforces, testing, maps, pkt file editing, mod balance, the manual, the mod installer...

So if you are good with artmd.ini and/or simple SHP editing (frames, offsets and shadows specifically) then PLEASE join the WR team. I have mapmakers, I have AI, I have everything really... all I need to bring WRV1.5 to a great level of quality is a graphics guy. Who will dare to step up to this challenge???

The map is on RADEN and on my site

- It don't require TX
- 4 Players
- I don't have asked for the map, for be in Assault map pack 3
- The finalalert map editor:HERE

Good Luck ! (I can do some ARTMD.INI, but my RULESMD.INI skills are better Wink

OK, I'll try out the map. Can you take an animated SHP, and get it working perfectly in YR? I may email you the mod (part of it anyway) to you so you can try... it's a large structure and I can't quite get the frame sequence right or the shadows displayed properly... or the buildup for that matter. It's annoying. If you can do this for me, just tell me.

I can't download FA from that site. It says, in both IE and FF, that it is being blocked. Can't anyone just email it to me please? thank you.

I will shortly test the current AI that Entith has done for the mod. I just want to say that he is a huge help and he's a very solid member of the modding community... I say this because he has done more in the past month than some modders do in 6 months... he's a fast learner it seems and he definately has his head screwed on properly. Man, I would even pay him if... ah, just forget that.

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