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Sure you can, if you got the SHP's for me, i can make it work.

Send it to my e-mail or send it to at msn.

OK! I'm sure you will be of great help nucl34r14. I'll get some sleep, then prepare the package for sending.


OK, a lil' update - nucl34r14 and I both tried to code this new SHP but we cannot get it to work is needed. It's a strange SHP, but I'm sure it's not too hard for someone who is adept with artmd.ini. This will really help with mod progress to Beta 4... is anyone willing to lend a hand? Tongue

If it's just coding and not the actual artwork, I should be able to find the time to do it. Attach the asset(s) and the rules & art code you have thus far in the private forum.

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.
About The YRPCM and Command Post, I'm finishing the art coding and also the SHP's have been modified.
Thanks F-G. If you can handle the Psychic Command Center then that will save me some time Tongue How about new Soviet and Allied flags? People have been asking about them. It only makes sense - otherwise the US flag will have to represent the entire Allied faction and the Russian flag will have to represent the Soviet side...

I'll post the goods Cannis. Thanks for your interest in helping me out BTW. I feel honoured that you are setting aside some time for WR.

still want Final Alert? I got the install sent it to ur hotmail?

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
If you read all of the posts, he got it. Tongue
The flags are still being animated. Maybe i will make new flag poles, so they are different from the normal ones.
Feel free to express yourself F-G. I would like this mod to be different in a lot of ways to the unmodded game, so every little thing counts Big Grin

YEs, I do have FA. Maybe someday I will make maps. I always had some interesting ideas for map layouts... in several games. Just never wanted to learn the FA interface or make any maps for C&C games. I guess it's because there are already plenty of decent maps out there Tongue

Cannis, don't worry about that SHP. A certain wthigon managed to help me out with it, after several attempts by other people... it still has its problems. Such as the text that displays the power you have in your base is displayed behind it (you can only see the corners of the text box) - this is becasue it has Layer=top. And the buildup only shows about two frames - and none if you sell it (that's a strange one). Also the activeanim seems to be missing a frame and thus the loop sequence "jumps" at one stage. While I can live with these problems, I wouldn't like to... Big Grin

Buildups never play the "last" couple of frames when reversed. This is for cases like selling the conyard, so you don't see it sell down to an MCV.

I do understand anims and their code, so maybe I can fix most of this.

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.
OK Cannis, thanks for the info, look out for a topic in the Beta forum Tongue

Offtopic: I like your mod whiteboy but theres like a lot of stuff you gave to allied, soviet and yuri? i forgot that i can't fit all of the stuff in my base LOL but it's a kick ass mod and im lookin forward to your next release :grin:
Yes, having multiple "bases" helps, also try to play on large maps Big Grin

Thanks for your interest!

I'm resurrecting this thread because I feel that its time to list the things that need doing before I can release V1.5.

So, here's what's needed:

Soviet and Yuri AI (Nucl34r14)
Survival game mode ( needs to be finished off)
Fixes to Powers Divided modes
Beta testing (namely AI, Campaign, and certain game modes)

I'll go through this list, pretty much sticking to that order. This Survival mode is becoming difficult to balance... but I'll get there [Image: tongue.gif]

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