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Whiteboy's Rules
I have happened to play this mod before, but if this is the same mod, i am dissapointed. The mod obviously had an intelligent person leading it, although it felt more like a addeverythingwepossbilycan mod.

I hope to see this mod in future.

Oh, and Cannis, do you like the mod or is this because you know Whiteboy?
YuriRuler90 Wrote:The mod obviously had an intelligent person leading it, although it felt more like a addeverythingwepossbilycan mod.
Agreed, definitley everything a Cgen mod should not be.
Well, time will tell. This may end up like XRML, old and deleted.
Maybe if Whiteboy has time he can redo the mod into something more pro Wink
Yes, but making a mod is not easy work. It would be good if he worked on Cannis' team for modders, since he does obviously have some talent.
Just calm down... no point moaning about it unless we've got an explanation first.
Whiteboy is at the point of developing v1.5 of his mod that he needs beta-testing. I offered to set up this forum for him as a favor. I've let him know the forum's here, no it's just a matter of him showing up Wink

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.
An old friend then Cannis? Ok then. Iwas just wondering why you hosted him when so many others want hosting. I trust in your wisdom. Wink
This isn't hosting, this is a forum, just an admin edit

C-GEN: The site with the 'log the f*ck in' forum. And now we make you validate your f*cking e-mail address too.
CannisRules: It's a YR mod.
Ok. Looking forward to see if his mod is better.
I dont really care, sometimes you need to play a mod where you can have fun, and not spend an hour on sole strategy. I look forward to it.
Old and deleted? Yeah, right .... 'nuff said.
SaberHawk Wrote:Old and deleted? Yeah, right .... 'nuff said.
I seen the link on your sig anyway Tongue
Hey everyone - I would say it's about time I actually explained what this mod is all about; I just know I deserve a place in this network somewhere!

From the beginning. Whiteboy's Rules V1.0 was finished almost 2 years ago now. It grew, as most mods did, from my own experiments with the various ini files that I got interested in editing to change the game to my liking. Back then, I knew it was a n00b mod, but I really wanted to release it on the net. To do this, I knew I had to add a bit more professionalism so that people would take the mod a bit more seriously. So I added cameos, a (large) readme, and well, that was it. I told Lion of RADEN and he hosted the mod on cncgames. He seemed to like it, but only as a newbie mod.

Fast forward to the present. Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 has been in development for about one and a half years. Since then I have learned a lot. Mostly from playing other mods, browsing around the community, and posting on Deezire (hence my low post count here...). I've pulled my socks up a bit since then. Now, Whiteboy's Rules is completely different. The whole thing has a sheen of proffesionalism painted on it. Yes, V1.5 was based on V1.0 to start with. But now there are so many new features, ideas and technical upgrades that it might as well be a different mod altogether. Plus of course, I created a website to prove I am serious - you'll find the (largely unfinished) Whiteboy's Rules HQ HERE. Yes; I know it's Angelfire, but I'm no pro with HTML and it's the first proper site I have ever made. So bear with me folks...

Only two things can perhaps cause someone to believe that V1.5 is not "professional". One: the fact that a few of the new units are converted civilian units. This is because back in the early days of V1.0, I didn't know how to make completey new units, so I just used civ units... I decided to keep a lot of the civilian units as my mod's new units for V1.5 because A) why not? It's a break from the norm and B) because the campaign mode is actually more fun and more difficult if some of the civ stuff attacks you! The other way that V1.5 may not seem completely serious as a YR mod is it's content: there are a lot of new units and this mod may indeed seem like an "add as much as possible" mod. But don't be put off. I have tried my best to make this mod balanced. This mod is not a power mod with loads of ridiculously powerful units. Yes, there are powerful units, but the game is still "balanced" thanks to the whole "power" factor of the game being stepped-up.

I would say that this mod is really in the same vein as Eagle Red, Sudden Strike and Mooman's Rules. It's definately not like Cannisrules, however the new game mode Cannis is making - Beyond Revenge - is quite similar in it's idea. Overall I would say that the mod is fun, and yet it's serious. I have changed quite a lot of general game rules/flags, and the mod does paly differently from the unmodded game. There are quite a lot of neat ideas in there, such as the Armageddon Engines, the faction-based light indication system, the unit that allows you to give money to your allies and the cross technology system. WRV1.5 is also compatible with the Assault game mode developed by Cannis and Deezire, and it allows you to listed to the RA music as well as the YR music and the YR Credits theme. There are a lot of features in this mod, so I have compiled a VERY comprehensive (yet unfinished) HTML user manual for the mod which exceeds 100 pages I believe... it's probably the biggest documentation ANY mod has for ANY game :wacko:

The mod is serious, yet fun - hence the subtitle "Serious fun".

Right, how do I explain this? I had a strategy for V1.5 - I wanted to keep it very much low-key until it's release, where I would also have the site "finished" and I would tell the whole editing community and the fan sites about it. That's why there are so little hits on the site... but now I have changed my mind and decided to just pimp the thing before relase like all the other mods do. I'll get around to the pimping soon Tongue

But I'll leave you to visit the site to read more about it - it's not been updated for a long time (I'll do that very soon Big Grin) and most sections are unfinished, but you can get some info there that you can't here.

OK, now about this forum. Right now, V1.5 is "done" but it needs tweaking. I have already drawn up a list of things that need tweaking. But I need more. I need beta testers. I need feedback on how I can make the mod more balanced, and also just general feedback on what people think of the mod. To truly enjoy the mod you must read the manual first... well at least some parts of it (the unit lists and the features section). The cross technology system I understand may put some people off - the basic premise is like so: you build a Battle Lab, then you build an advanced structure that has it's own feature for each side. This allows you to build the so-called "master" building for that faction - the White House, the Kremlin or Yuri's Fortress. This structure gives you access to SOME of another country's unique units (that is, another county of the same faction as the "master" building). To get access to the other half of the faction' unique units, you must build that faction's Armagedoon Engine which is very expensive. (Yuri's side has no other countries - he gets other stuff). After building that, you can then build an MCV of a certain side. After a LONG time building and using a LOT of money, you can eventually build all three side's Armageddon Engines, and not only have access to all units and structures, but also the very deadly and very cool secret units. If this sounds complex, well it is for a newbie Big Grin but it's really a very trivial idea.

A lot of people may not like that system. I am thinking of changing it for V1.X, and instead of getting other country's units and other faction's MCVs, you just have 2 unique units per country. We'll see. But right now I think it's OK because it's not overpowered - you need a lot of time and money to even build one faction's Armageddon Engine or even just their "master" building. Many of the new things in Whiteboy's Rules (both versions) are expensive. But not too expensive - you can make money faster in this mod. What I'm trying to say is it's balanced - at least I think so.

So that leaves me at this: I need testers - I will email any volunteers the mod (which is in a TOTALLY different legue to the first version so don't judge V1.5 by V1.0). The mod will be in XCC Mod Launcher format, and it will include an unfinished user manual. The final version will have an installer and full manual and all that jazz but beta testers only get the raw exe I'm afraid Wink

So tell me if you're interested - if you want me to send you the file you can post you email address here or email me: trance_squall[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long-arse post. Judging by this, you can tell how long the mod's user manual is :biggrin:

You a fan of writing essays by any chance? You could type up a Programming Report I've got to do for me. Tongue

But I know where you're coming from. MooRules started off in the same way, (albeit with more varied graphics at least. Tongue) It was designed in the phase I went through when I wanted to stick in as many ideas as possible to see how it would all pan out. Throw in bigfixes, some balance tweaks, graphical and gameplay tweaks (mainly pre-release) and there you have it. MooRules is designed for those who love many new things to play with, not those who want to play something that can qualify as an Expansion pack. That's the angle where I going with YR? instead. Tongue Learning from my past modding experiences and generate something that can seriously be something professional.

Anyway, I look forward to v1.5. Smile I'm in the mood for something fresh. Tongue

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