Poll: What should be done with the nuke crate?
Remove it entirely
Leave it as it is
Only enable it in certian modes (i.e. Spamfest)
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Nuke crates
Okay, there is a slight contradiction in WR that has come to my attention. As you may know, with crates on, it is possible (but rare) to get a free nuke crate. This gives you an instant nuke, unless you are already charging one up. Problem is, that crate shows up even when supers are disabled. Also, it's not exactly fair if you are Soviet and you are charging up a nuke, to get no benefit from that crate. Or does that matter? What do you think I should do?

Maybe you could use new SW for crates. I'm not sure, but I think it gives the first SW from Superweapons list, so you could place Nuke elsewhere in the list and replace it by something new. (Or if it gives SW with certain Type, you should still be able to do something using RockPatch.)
imo, remove the nuke, and have some other weapon that none of the sides have as a crate goodie. probably something not very destructive, like a paradrop or something. ok, thats hard for a non-patch mod to have something unique, but.... paradrop would still work. free troops.

I'd say leave it as is. WBR is about gameplay not balance and "fairness" am I correct?
I should say: Leave it in, Replace it with a clone of the nuke. So the original will not get screwed up.

whiteboy doesn't use RockPatch... there is no possability of a nuke clone.

Indeed, I am Rock Patch-free so no cheap weapon cloning.

particle Wrote:I'd say leave it as is. WBR is about gameplay not balance and "fairness" am I correct?

I'll elaborate. WBR is not NOT about balance. It simply doesn't obsessively dissect the balance in excruciating detail (except for Survival mode). But of course, the game has to be fair - and I believe it is. So far, out of the many Beta testers that have tested, I cannot recall a single one bringing up balance issues. There is no clear "best side" as far as the testers and I can see.

At the moment the poll only as 3 votes - and that's 1 for every option. That *really* helps...hehe. Hopefully there will be more votes - but I think I can reach a conclusion through the posts alone.

Using one of the paradrops is not fair - the way WR is set up, the Americans would get only GIs with that superweapon, while the other sides get all the specialized troops. It's related to the Spy Plane connection thing with the number of planes. Please don't ask Big Grin Point is, I can't use a paradrop for the crate without some serious issues.

Leaving it out of the game entirely is a valid option - one that I would regret because the oppourtinity to add more to the game would be gone... but if I cannot reach a resolution then it will have to be taken out.

So, I present the only other options I can think of - either:

1: Have the nuke crate (or Weather Storm or whatever - but nukes are more original) in Spamfest modes only - this is OK for balance because at the low, low cost and fast build time you can build things in Spamfest mode it really won't matter if someone gets a Nuke randomly.

2: Replace the Nuke super with the only shared superweapon - the Force Shield.

Or 3: Leave it as-is - having crates on makes a game unbalanced anyway because randomess plays a part in how a battle unfolds. If players want a fair game they should have crates off in the first place.


I say remove it entirely, replace it with a free unit or something.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Hmm, after careful thought, I've actually decided to disable it but have it remain in spamfest modes only. Spamfest mode is all about spam anyway, so it seems alright Wink

You and your double negative double talk Tongue
Thats the best to do

or not....

I tried to clone the weapons but without succes...

Well, it's done. And I meant without cloning. The nuke crates can now only be obtained in Spamfest mode. It doesn't particularly matter if it doesn't give an advantage the Soviets (if they already have a Nuke, the crate will do nothing) and it also doesn't matter that it can still be obtained when supers are turned off - Spamfest modes are just that, spam. Spamfest moves so fast that small things like a random nuke won't mean much - you can rebuild in seconds.

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