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Certain Map Problems...
Hope Apollo hasnt posted this somewhere, but anyway, i think i may have found a serious (IMO) bug. Certain maps freeze in games both online and offline. Its not always late ingame but sometimes it can happen like 1 hour after starting, ill explain better.Tongue

My YR Apocalypse mod uses the latest RockPatch version and the game freezes on Russian Roulette and Triple Crossed. First i thought it was my AI or something but couldnt fins anything that would make it crash. Now, since Apollo's Robot Storm started using RockPatch, it too crashes on those maps, but didnt before it used the RP.

This makes me think it must be RP. IMO those maps are good and this should be considered a pretty big bad bug, maybe other maps do it too, we just havent found em yet. Hope this makes sense to you.Tongue
did you try an unmodded game with RP isntalled? because unless you do that with a stock problems, PD doesn't consider it a bug, unless you can spacificly state why its doing it.
Yes it happens with stock YR with RP installed.

Russian roulette

Triple crossed

Face down


Those are just some of the maps, they are all on the snow theater. Usually games just freeze after a period, everything from 2 minutes to an hour. Now I have no clue what it could be but these maps work fine without RP.

It is not computer related already asked a couple of other people to test it out aswell, same issue game just freezes.
as you've probably already thought to yourself, what i'd recommend is extracting those maps and seeing if you can see anything common between the maps, if it apears to be happening on all arctic maps and only the arctic maps, then its a problem with arctic maps, or something connected to arctic maps...

theres not much else i can say, and i doubt there is anything PD can do without more information, or an except file, however if it freezes, but doesn't crash, then, its not going to produce an except... an alternative is to enable PD's -log tag(run RA2MD.exe -log), and see if there is anything common between the last actions between the games, and the maps.
Well the issue has been traced to the tech airport, happens in normal YR too when removed from snow maps, no issues .....
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
hmmm, tech airport... snow maps only... you sure its snow maps only?

well, its either *A* logic, or new Paradrop logic, could even be paratank logic...

*A* is simply changing a if (char == C || char == G || char == N || char == Y) to a if (char >= A && char <= Z), also chacking to see if the second letter is an A, then changing A to a terrain identifier

new paradrops is a clone of the original paradrop, unlike *A*, i don't know exactly what he did, its possible he could have done something to the original paradrop that might cause the problem, could be something to do with paratank logic...

this makes me doubt its got anything to do with *A*, plus if it were *A* it would also have a problem no matter if the airport was there, maybe its got something to do with the graphics too?

i don't see how this could happen... maybe PD can think of something i can't, since he coded it...
Well, we all know Westwood's code was real spaghetti... If WW/EA released that source, we could keep TheDailyWTF running for a year. Big Grin
[Image: 180px-Spaghetti.jpg]
Never happened to me on normal YR...
you mean normal "Un-Modded" YR with Rock Patch?
This "error" didnt "happen" on YR without "rockpatch", and didnt happen on non-requiring RP mods either.
Welcome Big Grin I've reassigned those "Guest" posts to your account.
Speeder here,

I must say that I have encountered similar errors in my modification, which also uses latest Rock Patch. The game freezes randomly and never goes on again, unless I reset it.
Thats the one. Now Bobing do you believe me? Tongue 2
i do not doubt that it is happening, i just don't see how it is.

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