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Fixes to Powers Divided modes
Okay. One of the final things that needs to be done before I release the last Beta to testers is gain the approval of some people on a certain matter...

Some may remember the time Wrath and I were figuring out what changes to make to each country in the set of game modes known as Powers Divided. Well, a few of the changes did not work, due to some tags in teh rules file being obsolete. I have redone the changes, and they are set out as follows. I simply need to know if these changes are good or not. For the uninformed: Powers Divided is a mode set that makes each country more unique by giving them a unit/infantry that is always created as a Veteran, and by adjusting some of that country's stats.

Some of these changes are similar to each other - but the changes I can actually make are limited, it would seem.


USA: Speed of all infantry and vehicles (not aircraft) decreased by 6%. Rate of fire for everything increased by 13%.
Veteran Infantry: Navy SEAL

Britain: Rate of fire for everything decreased by 13%, armour and speed of infantry increased by 21%.
Veteran Unit: Battle Fortress

France: Speed and armour of infantry reduced by 15%, armour for everything except infantry increased by 20%.
Veteran Infantry: Guardian GI

Germany: Cost of everything increased by 7%, rate of fire of everything increased by 16%.
Veteran Unit: Mirage Tank

Korea: Armour of everything decreased by 7%, aircraft speed increased by 25% (remember, Korea can use Harriers in Whiteboy's Rules, plus, in Powers Divided they are produced as Veterans).
Veteran Aircraft: Harrier


Russia: Armour and speed of infantry reduced by 13%, build time of everything reduced by 20%.
Veteran Unit: Reaper

Cuba: Cost of everything increased by 4%, infantry and unit speed (not aircraft) increased by 15%.
Veteran Unit: Flak Track

Libya: Build time of everything increased by 10%, money generated from ore/gems increased by 5%.
Veteran Infantry: Flamethrower

Iraq: Speed of infantry and units (not aircraft) reduced by 8%, armour for everything increased by 14%.
Veteran Aircraft: Hellfire Hind

Yuri: Rate of fire for everything decreased by 10%, money generated from ore/gems increased by 6%.
Veteran Unit: Floating Fortress

Perhaps Yuri should have no changes at all, apart for his Veteran unit - the Floating Fortress (I have not stated the Veteran units here because that has already been decided and agreed upon).

Note - I still haven't fully confirmed 100% that the changes I have made actually work. Not many mods utilise the tags that I have - it's an area where more research is required. I suppose we'll see what works and what doesn't when the last Beta is released right here on this forum. So...

Big Grin Yay or nay? Unhappy (headshaking)

Yay Big Grin

Can veterincy for Yuri take longer?? Since the moral of his units would be based on faith or just being a puppet of Yuri or his clones/Psi corps.

This could be his Powers Divided weakness.

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I'm afraid that is not possible. Only a handful of things are. Anyway, thanks for the feedback Smile

Come on people, this is important!!

The less people who contribute to this the longer the mod will take!!

Or Whiteboy can go with the only response.

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11% extra $ is quite a lot... Make his shit build 15% slower than normal, then?
BTW, you might want to elaborate on whether "increased rate of fire" means larger or smaller ROF...

Increased rate means larger, as in, the rate is higher. Which is faster. Resulting in more shots per time. >_>

Anyhoo, I agree on Yuri. 11%, in retrospect, is quite a lot. I will reduce that to 5%. How's that?

higher ROF is less shots per min because ROF in YR actually means delay....
I'm sure you knew that

Exactly why I asked...

I am not talking YR script, I am talking real life. So I don't confuse the n00bs Tongue Yep, Bob you think about Westwood's code too much...

EDIT: You too, D Shift eyes

OK, back on track. I propose changing Yuri from:

Yuri: Rate of fire for everything decreased by 10%, money generated from ore/gems increased by 11%.


Yuri: Rate of fire for everything decreased by 10%, money generated from ore/gems increased by 5%.

Does this change seem OK? Or should Yuri's stats be totally dfferent? Or should his stats not be changed at all in Powers Divided?

You give 2 numbers.. I say middle ground.. 8%

You told me to post something, so I did Tongue

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Middle ground sounds about right.

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But you have to remember, 8% is not much difference for ROF, yet it is for income...

Grrrahh. This mod has to be finished before Armageddon. Here is my choice.

Yuri: Rate of fire for everything decreased by 10%, money generated from ore/gems increased by 6%.

And that's FINAL Tongue

Great, shame we can't get the iniates to fire slower in buildings. Unhappy

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