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Fixes to Powers Divided modes
Good point. But Im not sure if the ROF multiplier for garrisoned infantry takes into account the tag that is being changed for this mode of not. Who knows. But it's quite negligable, I would say.

EDIT: I have updated the first post, to reflect the final stats.

UPDATE: I've realised that having veteran Rhino Tanks in Powers Divided (for the Soviets) is a bit unfair, even with their dumbed down infantry capabilities. Mass Rhinos are tough enough - but having every single Rhino produced as veteran and build a time of everything reduced by 20% is a bit much.

So I am at a point of decision. Either:

A) Change the Soviet veteran unit to somethign other than Rhinos (I was thinking Reapers);


B) Keep the Rhino tank as veteran, but dumb down infantry a bit more and make the 20% faster Soviet build time not apply to vehicles.

It's your call, people Tongue

I've also realised that having the Kirov as Iraq's veteran unit in this game mode is a bit pointless - so I will change that to the Hellfire Hind.

Well we could increase the build time of the Rhinos since they are doing more work in training the tank commanders!

And lower the the build time of the infentry since they are practicly giving people guns telling them who to shoot then kicking them out of the barrecks!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
A or B, Tom. I cannot change build times of individual units.

I could however make all buildtimes a bit faster for all Soviet non-vehicles - but make their vehicles build slower. Bear in mind that "vehicles" applied to ships and most aircraft too.

or you could make ALL rhyno tanks build faster?

That would break the rules of Powers Divided, which are:

Each side (not the faction as a whole) has certain stats boosted and other stats made worse; and each side has a unit that will always be created as Veteran.

I'm simply looking for a way (a way within the rules of the mode) to make the Soviets in Powers Divided more balanced, since having Veteran Rhino Tanks is a bit much. Here's their current status again:

Russia: Armour and speed of infanty reduced by 13%, build time of everything reduced by 20%.
Veteran Unit: Rhino Heavy Tank

Okay, I simply made the Russian veteran unit the Reaper instead of the Rhino. The Iraqi veteran unit is the Hellfire Hind. I've updated the first post again... and this will be the FINAL Powers Divided stats!

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