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It is BETA time, baby!!! Sign up here.
In Tongue Welcome, old tester!

RAWR, Guess Who? Poking I will take your challenge XP

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]

...Wow It's you! How's your mod going? Cool

hi Whiteboy i wante tre the BETA
Okay then. Just make sure you read and understand everything in the first post in this topic, and read the readme file in the zip file for the Beta Smile Check your private messages now Omar.

I need the pass again >_< PM it to me ey? thanks dave Smile
Who's Dave? Wink PM'd.

Thank you my half-hearted friend. Well, except you aren't half-hearted...but you know what i mean! suppose you don't...

I shall test either tonight or tommorow night, but rest assured i shall play it soon.Tongue
Wow I almost forgot about this place, alot has seemed to develop without me. Im in if still available. Smile

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Haha, sure. As a memeber of the Beta 5 testing team, you proved youself good enough Tongue Check your PMs.

I'M BACK!!!!!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Behold, the caveman speaketh!

"ugg, ugg....Broadband? BASH! CRUSH! EAT!"

Once you get it working, please test Survival mode. No-one has touched it yet Tongue

And welcome back Tom Smile

i'll try that thing for ya

or would you rather i VXL?

The download is corrupt, try playing it from the zip file!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
good news, i finally got YR to work
bad news, i forgot the beta tester forum password

[Image: sigentith.gif]
Avi and sig by MrRuben

If you want a bit of PHP coding done, or a really basic consol based C++ or Java program, PM me, i'll give it a try

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