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It is BETA time, baby!!! Sign up here.
Okay, password IM'd to you Entith.

Bob, if you want to test then I'll leave it completely up to you. As long as the radar dish voxel is done... that vehicle really needs it Tongue

I'm back in action if needed for testing purposes.
Sounds good. Welcome back McSpivey, it's been a long time Smile

Check your PM Inbox.

<----- (sign me up for beta testing)

My Version Of the EA logo
[Image: 28542891547ed.jpg]
Hmm, OK. Check your PMs Smile

shouldn't beta testing be over by now?

i mean, shouldn't you be almost ready to release it? Tongue

Yes, well, I've changed jobs and become very busy. I'm still writing up the massive "user manual" and I also want to edit Powers Divided mode - the Soviets are unbalanced because all their Rhinos are veteran at production.. I need to counter it somehow.

There are a few miner (small, not ore miner) things to sort out, it should be ready before Wii launch/Christmas!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Lol, Tom. "Minor" is what you mean.

Dam this Dyspraxia!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
You mean "Damn".

Sorry.... couldn't resist Tongue

(My bro has Dyspraxia too... for a while he had to read books with red glasses on, to see if it stops the words bouncing off the page...)

Dyspraxia? that anything like Dyslexia?

Sure is! Dyspraxia is to Dyslexia as Asperger's Syndrome is to Autism. Well.. sort of. You can have both Dyspraxia AND Dyslexia, but not Asperger's AND Autism.

But I'm no expert on the exact differences between Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Is beta test still open?
Sorry, Beta testing is now closed as per this news post.

Fear not though - you can still download Version 1.0 2005 edition on the official site (click my sig) and version 1.5 (the one that pwns V1.0) is not far off.

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