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Beta Screenshots and Movies!
This is our compulsary Beta testing screenshots topic! Post any screenies you like. Good ones will appear on the WR site. If you have a screenshot outlining a bug or testing issue, please do *not* post here - this thread is for entertainment purposes only. Post in one of the testing feedback threads instead Smile

Movies are also welcome, though you will most likely have to upload them off-site - if memory serves me, the maximum you can upload right onto the forums is about 10MB.

Hey Whiteboy Poking What size do you want for screenshots? I play the game at 1280x800. Poking
That was me.... BTW I saw this area as a guest and without a password Wtf (checking)

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Can you do that again?

I logged out and couldn't ssee it anymore. Thumbs up

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Rofl. Must've gave DC a small scare there Wink (DC, I never sent you an invitation to come to my underground lab...j/k Tongue)

Any res will do really. As long as it's a *sane* one Wink

What is really lacking at the moment are shots of a fully organised base with loads of walls and gates. You know, a base that sort of screams "perfectionism". In the colour black, that would be nice Tongue

I took many screenshots and this is the only one in my RA2 folder Wtf (checking)

It's a thumbnail..clicky for bigger size.


[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Looks marvellous Big Grin

This will be on the site with future screenshots.


I'd hate to got to that Prisen! Exersice time CHOMP!
Edit: Its too big to fit on this page so click the link!

[Image: TimeMachineSecure.jpg]

Time and Space Belongs to Mother Russia!

[Image: Goldengatedeathpt1.jpg]
[Image: Goldengatedeathpt2.jpg]
"Wow the Golden Gate..." B00M "Oh nevermind!"

There will be more, but I better not hog the page in one post.

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
i don't really see anything that shows off the mod in this, tom (besides maybe the camios)

[Image: sigentith.gif]
Avi and sig by MrRuben

If you want a bit of PHP coding done, or a really basic consol based C++ or Java program, PM me, i'll give it a try
And the Gates, but I just have it someware in me to mess arond in that map Tongue

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Entith2290 Wrote:i don't really see anything that shows off the mod in this, tom (besides maybe the camios)

True, but this is Tom just having fun Tongue

Looking forward to more screenies soom Tom Cool

Its even easier to muk around on it if it doesn't end Tongue.

Edit: more screenshots, these will show more mod stuff

[Image: Destroylargebasewith4tanks.jpg]
This base didn't last very long!

[Image: EignstinWillhelpusmakeoursuperweapo.jpg]
Einstin Will help us make our Superweapon!

Now I did take several screenies of my large base, when I was about to stick them toghether, only one of them came out. Mad
So two choices, 1) Only post the top lefthand 1/4 or 2) wait for me to recreate the conditions so I can post the big one!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Do just the top left part.. but do it all if you like Big Grin I really like these screens - love the red light effects Wink

I'll do that base laterOops, in the mean time lookie here, more screeniesBig Grin! Am I overusing this topicRolling eyes?

[Image: EmergencyHomefromHome.jpg]
Must keep boss happy, until its safe to go home!! Oddly enough I got a perfect rating even though I took an hour, maybe he got comfertable there?

[Image: TruefeelsCameoapperance.jpg]
Truefeel hiding out in Parasite Island???Confused

[Image: CovertOperations.jpg]
They'll never see it comming, They really didn't!!LOL
Prequel to Captureing Einstines lab!

I have a set of very special screenshots next time, but I don't want to overload on screenshots in a single post.

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]

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