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Beta Screenshots and Movies!
I use Camtasia.

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Lee Wrote:
Whiteboy Wrote:Yes yes, this is all unprofessional, experimental stuff so please don't judge yet my friend Tongue

Well obviously :roll: and i was suggesting, not judging.

I know, I know; I never said you were judging, it's more of a statement to all members: these movie are not final. More are coming! Or so says wthigon >_>

Horay more Screenshots!!

This is part of my game with Whiteboy

[Image: ourbasescombinedearly.jpg]
[Image: ourbasescombined.jpg]
Our Base!!!

[Image: WTFgarrinsonlasers.jpg]
Which new unit can do that from a building??

[Image: doesntlookmuchbititIS.jpg]
Whiteboy's army looks ready!! They're a small force but powerfull!

[Image: ThisllkeepyourmensafeWhiteboy.jpg]
Mine got their first though Tongue, all I need is a paradrop and a Testla tower ready to build!

[Image: Whiteboysassultforce.jpg]
He turned on me after we destroyed the Filfy Allies! Romanov was Right, we should never have trusted Yuri!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
That was a fookin' great match Big Grin

I'll have most of the screenshots in this topic, including the movies, on the site in due time Wink

We definately have to have another game sometime Tom. Can you set your resolution a bit higher? It helps you see a lot more on the battlefield, and would do the same for screenshots.

I'll try, but games lagg quite a bit online as it is!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Einstein's Prism Command Tank.
Less than 1 minute ago" />   
its a bit of an old picture, i think i improved the normals after this screeny (originally, half the tank was in RA2 normals, the other half was in TS normals, resulting in HVA builder showing it with incorrect normals)

I accidently deleted the movies from FileFront... Poking Censored I thought they were my old gameplay movies when I saw them. If you have them by any chance on your hard drive, send them to me and i'll upload them again....

If not then, I guess I have to make new ones Thumbs up

[Image: untitled10bu1.jpg]
Hey Bob, looks nice. As I said, I won't need it - but nice anyway Tongue

I have the movies wthi, how do you want them sent?

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