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Post-Beta 6 Changelog
These are the additions/bugfixes/changes so far... a log for all to see Rolling eyes

1. Fixed Temporal Powershere and Naval Temporal Powersphere going invisible when affected by Force Shield

2. Fixed offset campaign arrows

3. Added "Ion Cannon Ready" voice when Reinforcements Beacon is built (rather than a slowed-down nuke siren sound).

4. Moved Allied paradrop (called "Airborne") from Temporal Powersphere to Einstein's Lab and made the Lab have a build limit of 1.

5. Removed the build limit from Yuri's Psychic Communications Center.

6. Made the Research Cathedral's artillery barge more damaging and fire more often.

7. Made the Hellfire Hind's radiation weapon deploy less often, to reduce possible slowdown.

8. Removed "Da River" (version 1) map; added "Cold Winter" map by Truefeel.

9. Removed subterranean aspect of Mastermind. Slightly reduced cost, increased armour and speed. Made able to move into shroud.

10. Prevented AI from building Slave Miners in Survival mode.

11. Slightly increasd Yuri Prime's strength, so he is harder to kill.

12. In Survival mode, increased damage of Chaos Drone's electric gas, and increased strength of unit by 50%.

13. Made the "Easy Army" AI easier.

14. Made the Reinforcements Beacon reveal the whole map.

15. Decreased the Scout Jeep's firepower, particularly against infantry.

16. Gave the War Wagon an Ion Cannon uplink dish turret that continuously spins around. This is to suit the War Wagon's weapon.

17. Slightly lowered the damage of the Transport Attack Plane's railgun weapon, and made its Elite weapon more powerful and look different (it now fires out of two railguns - one on each wing - but not simultaneously).

18. Changed the Russian Veteran unit in Powers Divided modes from the Rhino Tank to the Reaper, and changed the Iraqi one from the Kirov to the Hellfire Hind.

19. Added a new game mode: Super Survival. This is a variant of Survival mode - it adds superweapons (the high-level ones can be turned off in the menu) and it changes a few other things like recharge times and armour values. You have a Construction Yard in Super Survival, and a build limit of 3 War Factories - which are unsellable, so choose their locations wisely.

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