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Hey people,
I didn't make any progress on RP because I had neither lots of time nor did I ever feel to continue working on the SWs or other things again...
Before the 1.08 release I announced already that I'll probably leave active coding for the RP and I feel that has already happened.

I don't want to talk about reasons here, after a while I just got sick of YR and coding for it, a bad side effect of this intensive project... Unhappy

On the other hand, of what use am I for the RP if I hardly get to working on anything?
It's pretty good that CnCVK appeared cause he's the only one able to take RP over IMO.
I'll still be willing to post news, update things and so on if required.
But for the active coding part, I'm out.
No prediction about a possible "comeback", cause I don't know

You probably want the SW fixes as far as I coded them, I can merge our exes again and send you the result if you send me yours.
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I'd rather you not leave...

but i know exactly what you are going through Tongue (well, i don't know what you are going though, but i've had these "Quitting" times too, and unfortunatly for you lot, i came back)
That's a shame... Unhappy
Oh well, good luck on, er, whatever you decide to do. Wink
Good luck & good bye!

Looks like we need someone else to fix the RP bugs!!

The loading save game with mod bugs, & lighting storm IE etc.
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Well hope this doesnt mean you wont pop and talk to people every now and then, i like your music projects still, and hope things go well on that front for you.

Enjoy yourself m8, and just have some good fun with normal life, and lasses Wink

.......CNC Was My Life.......
..I Now Live a Lonly Life Amongst The World of Work..
The Revolution:ROTC
Goodbye and good luck Smile
Ares Project Manager.
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[Image: cncgsigsb_sml.png]
Open Ares positions: Documentation Maintainer, Active Testers.
PM if interested.
Goodbye & good luck !
And we Thank you for your great work !
Yes, your music projects PD. I've been wanting to do some of my own music for a while, when I'm not busy... and music is a lot more fun than what you are doing Tongue

See you in MSN Wink
Good luck in your next project/hobby PD! Thumbs up
[Image: cncr_beta_download_2.png]
5 different armies: GDI, Nod, Allies, Soviets & Yuri... & converted TS Terrain!!
Sorry to see you go.Unhappy Good luck on your next adventure.Thumbs up
Before you disappear can I get a copy of any notes on terrain idem’s you may have worked on. Since CnCVk has to many squeaky wheels around him to get any terrain stuff done any time soon. I would like to keep a copy of any note just in case he leave. We have had that happen in the community before.Arf
Thanks to all Smile

There are no projects planned at all at this time, neither C&C nor anything else.

About my music, I'm really surprised that people actually liked it (I'm not pretty content with it myself...).
This should be some motivation for me!
I'll let you know once there are news about my music projects.
For the ones who care, the band I'm in has a MySpace account at (yes, no "g" at the end, it's somebody else <.< ). My other music projects will get websites as soon as I believe them to be good enough...

I see no reason to leave you guys for good, many people I got to know in this community are always up for a good and/or funny talk!

An interesting effect of being a part of this community is also that my English (grammar + vocabulary) skills have vastly improved.
I've been noticing that in school...

I didn't get too much into the terrain stuff anymore.
The stuff I asked at the TX forums was for future development.
But don't worry, CnCVK seems to having been disassembling the exe parallely to me for a year, without us having any contact to each other.
And since he's a more advanced hacker than me (remember this was my first hacking project), he found out much more things.
He really doesn't need any introduction by me...

Anyway, this is the thread about the TrainBridges at the TX board:

You should have received the merged exe file.
With that, RockPatch development is up to you by now...

Whatever you do with it, I wish you good luck, as well as for the ETS!

BTW, I plan to give my custom assembler and other tools out along with their source codes so people can improve it.
Note that it's all in Visual Basic 6.

@Renegade, DCoder:
This would be the time to give CnCVK moderating and news posting rights.
If you want me to stay a moderator here, no problem, I'll still be following the progress.

About the rules, it's up to CnCVK whether he wants to keep the "no requests" rule.

I also mentioned before (on the IRC channel) that it might be better if somebody else than CnCVK would post news and releases.
This is not meant to offend CnCVK in any way, but his English skills aren't the best and I don't know whether it would look too good to have him posting news.
I'd be ready to do this if nobody else would.

OK then, count me officially off the coding team of the RockPatch Smile
[Image: jsfml.png]
Quote:An interesting effect of being a part of this community is also that my English (grammar + vocabulary) skills have vastly improved.
I've been noticing that in school...
Been there seen that Tongue 2
*mumble mumble mumble*
hmpf. Not happy.
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Quote:You should have received the merged exe file.
Yes. is not working good???
You have overlooked constructors?
Maybe better use old variant?
Quote:but his English skills aren't the best
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

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