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walled new building?
Jawdropping What the hell is this soviet looking building thats walled in?
[Image: displayimage.php?album=2&pos=6]

[Image: displayimage.php?album=2&pos=15]

whats that neer the cloning vats?Bang head against wallThumbs upSleeping 2
Hello. I'd need to see which screenshot you are referring to about the Cloning Vats, but the "walled in Soviet thing" is the Soviet's Armageddon Engine. Each side has one, and they are expensive structures that allow for many bonuses. See version 1.0, they were featured in that version (though they look like Time Machines).

They basically give you an anti-ground and anti-air long range undefendable Cruise Missile ability, they generate power, they provide radar, stealth detection capability, they give discounts on everything (think Industrial Plant), they produce cash slowly like Oil Derricks can, they have Psychic detection capabilities, and you can build up to two of them.

Additionally, in Cross-Tech game modes, they provide the units of the other countries in your chosen side (or an extra unit if laying as Yuri), and they give you the MCV of another side, thus making it eventually possible to have every side under your control in Cross-Tech modes.

It costs 20,000.

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