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white wagon VXL turret
rargh, you know what happened to the first attempt, here's the second attempt.

it'll probably need more work, let me know what you think.

i was going to send it via PM, but you apparantly can't add attachments in a PM. i had to get renegade to allow VXL attachments Tongue

Attached Files
.vxl   Less than 1 minute ago">whitewagontur.vxl (Size: 5.8 KB / Downloads: 344)

Oh, this is a nice surprise to wake up to Bob! When I added the turret (which looks really nice btw, in Voxel Viewer), the whole vehicle became invisible in-game. The vehicle has Turret=yes and TurretSpins=yes in its rules entry - that's the only change I made. Pretty strange. Does it need a hva file to work properly?

EDIT: I gave it the same hva as the War Miner (just copied & renamed it) and now it works fine! The dish looks a bit flat but it looks appealing in some strange manner. You can edit it some more if you like Bob, but at the moment I am happy with it. The War Wagon now looks like its Ion Cannon uplinker weapon fits with the look of the vehicle. Kudos to you! Not worthy

err, yes, you need a HVA for it. i never included 1 as any blank HVA should do the trick(i just copied whitewagon.hva to whitewagontur.hva). you'll probably also want to add a turret offset of about -50 to -75 in the art code. the VXL header places it directly on top of the top most part of the body VXL, which is the back bit. i can adjust that if you want. i can make any adjustments if you want. it probably needs normals touchups if nothing else.

Don't worry Bob. I edited my last post - and I've found the perfect offset. Here's a screenie:

[Image: WW.png]

it actually looks better than i thought it would. and flatter too, but that could be down to the normals.


[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Yes, it looks very natural doesn't it?

Well hopefully it will be the last grahpical change/addition I have made to the mod before release.

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