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I need info about DestroyableCliffs
I heard what it not work perfect in YR?
And about train bridges?
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

since terrain is the subject. PD was planning to allow cloned theatres. are you going to continue his effort?

sorry that my post has no usefull information to you though... i don't have a clue about either of those.
AFAIK, Destroyable Cliffs work if hit with an AmbientDamage weapon. Other weapons don't work, while they did in TS. Some speculate it could be because the weapons are required to hit a certain spot on the tile to trigger destruction, and that spot was positioned correctly (exactly where the weapon detonates) in a cell in TS, but was not moved when RA2 changed tile sizes and as such now is only hit by ambient damage.

Train Bridges... as MetalMario said at C-GEN, RA2/YR is limited to two bridgeheads per theatre, which gives us a high wood bridge and the concrete bridge. TS had the third bridgehead, train bridge. So they are trying to get that third bridgehead working again. jonwil started doing that, but didn't finish it, and trainbridge code was taken out of RP, because it also messed up other bridges badly (Related bug report).
Quote:AFAIK, Destroyable Cliffs work if hit with an AmbientDamage weapon
Not rightSmile
Destroyable Cliffs work if hit with:
  • IsSonic=Yes
  • IsRailgun=true
because a some code was deleted
but I hope what I will return it backSmile
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

I don't think ambient damage works UNLESS you have IsSonic=yes or IsRailgun=yes.
[Image: alexstand1.gif]
About the bridge heads, TS didn't have a third set, it had a concrete and a train set. However to have train bridges, YR needs a third set because it has wood bridges instead (check out a terrain.ini file to see how bridges are specified). We would also need additional bridge heads that behave as though they were the bridge heads of one of the existing sets to make the total integration of urban and snow/temperate/desert theatres work correctly. Metal Mario has come up with a pretty good hack to disguise a rear bridgehead as a different bridge head though but fronts don't look right.
DestroyableCliffs now is working correct!
Now the cliff can be destroyed by any weapon.
About train bridges: I need sample map / titles to test it Smile
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

You will need the latest TX If you don't already have it.
Also you will need to activate the train bridges by going into the terrain control ini's and removing the rem ";" from in front of the TrainBridgeSet.Wink

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago">(tx)dock city (Size: 200.95 KB / Downloads: 132)
Any progress or questions?
I tried it, but where I can find train bridge titles ?
I use TX 2.02.
In FA it show incorrect and YR have IE Unhappy
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

You will need TX 2.02a it added the train bridge tiles. TX 2.02 dose not have the train bridge tiles. After you have installed them you can use the files I am posting to activate them.

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago">TX (Size: 42.83 KB / Downloads: 122)
Thank you!
I will try it Smile
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

Any progress?

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