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antivirus problem with getlang.exe
my antivirus insists getlang.exe is a threat.

for those who don't know, getlang.exe is extracted and executed when you try to patch gamemd.exe with rockpatch. my antivirus automaticly renames this file to getlang_exe.vir, and prevernts it from running.

i tried to set up an exception, but, i can't, it only allows exceptions to known virus's(which i think is kinda crap).

is there anything else you can use?

its nothing critical, the patcher just decides to patch the game in "american" when getlang fails, its just a little annoying.
I heard about GetLang.exe a first time! Big Grin
It from installer?
if yes, questions for Marshall.
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

Marshall, wouldn't this work to determine gamemd.exe's language as well?
I wrote getlang.exe, and what stupid scanner detects it at a virus?

gamemd.exe isn't language specific at all, neither is ra2md.exe or anything.

Plus, there aren't any registry entries either (for YR I think), so the language can only be determined by testing ra2md.csf inside langmd.mix, and that's exactly what's the little program is doing.
I don't know what virus scanner Bobing is using (probably Norton which detects most things as a virus...), but it sounds definitely dumb.

The only other way I could think of would be a "select language" page in the patcher.

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i use panda antivirus titanium. its far better than norton anti-virus, however, with norton, atleast i could exclude getlang.exe.

and it detects it as a threat, not a virus, probably because it is intrusive. it would come under the "Anti Spyware" section, which is designed to prevent people from using programs to steal information from yor PC. so if getlang does what you say it does, then it is doing its job really well.
With Launch Base on the way, I was planning on there being separate language downloads for RockPatch - i.e. one download/installer per RockPatch language. That way you just choose which language you want to download. This would do away with the need for getlang, and allow CnCVK (or whoever is responsible for producing the installers) to create new language versions easily.

Of course, I was planning on only working out the installer for RockPatch with Launch Base, although I imagine people are going to want a non-Launch Base RP installer...
Ever wondered what the hell is going on?
Believe me friend you're not the only one.

Check out Launch Base for RA2/YR -
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i'd go for getlang, with select language if getlang fails.
Bobingabout Wrote:i use panda antivirus titanium.
You trust in something called Panda ...? Lift eyebrow
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Renegade Wrote:
Bobingabout Wrote:i use panda antivirus titanium.
You trust in something called Panda ...? Lift eyebrow
whats wrong with "Panda"?
I use AVG, top quality antivirus program Wink
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yer, AVG isn't bad, i installed it on my mums PC.
I've seen panda mess up plenty of computer systems and is way down near the bottom of my list of AV programs to install. If you want a decent anti-virus, get NOD32, if you want a free one I find anti-vir to be much better than AVG as well in terms of detection (though by default it just deletes everything it detects). Turn off heuristics if you are getting false positives BTW, then the only thing to blame is the AV discovery labs if you get false positives.

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