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Binary Conversation (The True leet speak)
Here are the rules for this Spam game:

1. Decode the message in the previous persons post then post a relivant reply in Binary.

2. No Flaming/Trolling.

3. If stuck PM me for a Binary Translation program!

I'll start with something simple!


[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
What, you use a program, and not your head? I can't see the point of this game in that case... it in 8-bit unicode or what?

ASCII, range 20h to 7Eh.

program? bah, I'll decode it manually...

"If the meaning of Life is 24, then what is the question?"

I'll answer in Hex if you don't mind, its more compact and binary takes longer to convert. Tongue

57686174 2063616D 65206669 7273742C 20746865 20436869 636B656E 206F7220 74686520 4567673F


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