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Initial impressions thread
Hey everyone, just wondering what your initial thoughts are about the release of V1.5 (preview edition). Be constructive Wink

i really like the mod but could you make the paradrop optional i dont like it (maybe because im weak) because withthe paradrop i becomes tomuch paradrop vs paradrop, the rest... SUPER
so thanks Whiteboy, you ve listend to me and released it, thanks.

Stercus accidit, Thumbs up
your orders, my idea (the great and mighty Yuri)
At last so much pressure made you finish it,wright?

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Sorta. I was almost on the brink of releasing it with reduced documentation, simply because I knew the documentation would be a huge amount of work. That, and I was in a good mood last night Big Grin

The paradrops have already been reduced vastly in units and frequency. There is no real way to remove them without messing up parts of the mod. They are tied into the structures section and they are also tied into the American special paradrop. You can easily stop them with jsut about anything that is anti-air or anti-infantry - Dogs, Flak, Scout Jeep, Sentry Guns, you name it. I CAN increase the time it takes for them to be readied but it must be exactly the same amount of time for the American paradrop.

Now Campaign is harder due to Allied Armagg. Engine not being the Time MachineTongue

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Hahaha, yes. I've almost eliminated all units/structures that were supposed to be new mod things but were actually civilians. there are still a few though. Like the Modified School Bus. It's a "new" unit but in reality it's just an edited civ thing and can still be seen on maps etc.

I've (surprisingly) abandoned WBR 'couse of Generals but I'm going to play it right now,gotta see the new map!!

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
The Rich Waters map actually isn't included with the mod - it was not ready. Truefeel insists that he mods the map so that people play it "the right way" Tongue 2

You can still however download the map.

There's another map I'd really like to add too... a Lunar one with tunnels that is 4 players. But it's not finished yet.

i cant build chrono units hwne i play allied thats strange i have build battle lab but no chrono legionaire in barracks Unhappy
I think it may have moved to a higher tech!

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so what do i have to build to get them? because i realllly need them Smile oh damn i have to register ;D
To build advanced infantry units in WR, you must construct an Army Hospital. In WR, Chrono Legionaires count as advanced infantry. Thus, you need the Barracks and Battle Lab as normal, PLUS the Army Hospital. It's all part of the balance Smile

You might also want to note that the Flags you can build at low tech levels are prerequisites for some things. It's well worth the small price for a faction flag. Plus, it adds a factor of [base coolness+5]! Cool

EDIT: Yes, please register. It makes you a lot more noticeable on the forums. And thanks for playing Whiteboy's Rules. Have you tried building a Reinforcements Beacon yet? It's only available with Superweapons on...

Sure he won't because of the exagerated(or not...) price that only a lotto winner would pay for.
And have campaigns still in mind?

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Haha, that price is actually spot-on considering what you get... any reasonably good player can save up more than 70,000/65,000 after not too long.

Campaigns, you mean custom Campaigns? Well if by some miracle someone makes a totally new Campaign or two designed for WR, then the final 1.5 will not include new Campaigns. As it stands though, the existing Campaigns are much more interesting with WR Big Grin

that sounds a bit expensive to me, but, it might not be so expensive if whity has increased the amount of money you get from ore or miner storage space or amount of ore on maps inclusivly (oposite of exclusivly, meaning you can have more than 1 of the 3 in the list).

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