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HH! (Hyper Halt!)
You have one more than most people here!

[Image: post-86-1167551712.jpg]
[Image: Nod_Userbar.png]
[Image: Blender3d_Userbar.png]
Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
*Still trying to hold back tears*


i see tom with 3, and WB with 4.

or am i missing something?

You're counting their stars. Stars are indicators of post count, not power.
They are counting each other's chevrons, to the left of their names / on the group sign under the online/offline status.

I'm not an all powerful Moderator, just in my area of the gaming forums!

So really you still have more power than me Whity!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
I sure do, captain obvious Wink

You need to put more Oblivion stuff in your section. What would be great is if you downloaded Symphony of the Night and posted a log f your progress... it might entice me to play through the game again for the 521512345th time...


can't we just count the stars, then i beat both of them Tongue

But that's cause you're a posting freak, as your name badge says Tongue

the forums gave me that name...

And it's well met.

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