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I know! let's play RA2 on brutal!
and no, not skirmish, because that's allready way too easy.

Me and a friend have decided to tackle the RA2 campain on brutal, which should be fun, because it'll be....harder.

Note that this is without any modifications.

First i'll be doing Allied campain, then soviet. As soviets are the more difficult campaign i'll leave em for second.

Big Grin
The point of this topic? I decided to write down my progress Tongue

~~~AMISSION: 1~~~~

Tanya kicks the 4 dreadnaughts and becomes elite for the rest of the game, hah.
Then the statue goes down, oh noos! Watch out for romanov's rather sinister message. and by that i mean...well, whatever.

So tanya and the GI mob travel to the base picking up some powerups on the way, wonderful.

One base later and I have a chrono miner, but i won't need it.
But hey, why not build 10 attack dogs to escort Tanya to destroy the very easy-to-destroy Soviet base? Which is what I did for no real reason. Overkill is good kill

Or not.


So to start this mission of i accidently attract the unwanted attention of a rhino and my rockies kill it just before it kills Tanya >_> great way to start the mission.

Rocketeers slam the gun,tanya destroys the two flak cannons, and the rocketeers then go slay the rest of the sentries. Meanwhile the engineers grab the base. Hooray!

Then I churn out some miners (3) and before i even get 3 grizzlies i get attacked by something like 4 rhino's, which is annoying, lucky my 3 griz's and a few GI's kill them seperatly, and i lose all but one griz and some sections of wall, .......

At this point however they leave me alone, Harriers go miner hunting, and base produces Grizzlies. I build like ten and go attack, and manage to destroy a refinery and a lot of opposition, but my lacking micro left me on the retreat in the end, but i least i did some damage.

and from now on, it's build tanks, attack, retreat, rebuild, attack once more, and win Big Grin

and yes im quite aware of the fact i could have used tanya to sneak in the back of the base and paradrop a lot of GI's (i think, maybe not due to brutal setting) but i didn't, i did it the hard way o_o

more coming later, i'm up to mission 5 tho
Fun to be had in the soviet campaign:
Kill Vladimir's veteran paratroopers without desolators Tongue 2
Kill Vladimir's Elite Apoc Guard.
Capture Dugan under par time.
Stop the warfac-hunting Kirovs near Kremlin.

As for the allied campaign... careful in Black Forest, and build some duds to distract Iron Curtained stuff in Moscow.

Damn, memories. I'd love for there to be a simple way of playing the RA2 missions in YR... for WR of course Tongue

Is it just me or are the par times messed up? They always seem to be either ridiculously easy to beat, or ridiculously hard.

The only par time I had a problem with was that same Capture Dugan on Brutal.

(And there is a way to play those missions, it's called "Play Blade's The Project mod". Tongue 2 )

hah whereas deep sea has a par time of 45 minutes T3h l33t!! (the one which introduced aircraft carriers) and I can do it less then 10 with the navy you start the mission with Tongue


THis mission is fun, because it's easy, first i used the many GI's to destroy the base near mine, Then I garrisoned the buildings near my base with those GI's.

Then it was just fending of weak attacks while i built my 20+ grizzly army to dominate the map, tagging along the free IFV's and grizzlies the mission gives you at times.

Tho really, all that is needed is 8 harriers, to bomb the psi beacon and win the mission Tongue but i did it the longer more fun way. This mission was easier then the last.


I was kind of in a worry at first. the grand cannons were elimated easily (no rockies to help me on brutal :o)

Then i made a beach head, but i nearly lost all my land units, and as i built up i was worried because if i got attacked im sure my one grizzly and 5 GI's wouldnt hold off too long.

Until i realized had FOUR MORE hovercraft sitting in the corner of the map. Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Then with those addition units, I was able to make a good base, and assualt the northen soviet base. However, i ended up building 12 harriers anyway, and destroyed the beacon. I still destroyed the soviet base tho Tongue again, with a large grizzly tank army.


aaah.....the good old spy mission, who wouldnt remember this one?

What i love about this mission, is there are many hidden units to aid you on the map, and i swear, EVERY time i play through it, I find something new.

and the latest find is AWESOME

1) some gi's are littered here and there.
2) a COW which you use to explore
3) tanks and Gi's near the last base.

and now for the big one

a found a PAIR OF ENGINEERS!!! :o

I used then to capture a war factory and a tesla reactor (though a refinery would be better but i could'nt be bothered Tongue)

I built ten rhino tanks, and just destoryed EVERYTHING

I used ONE spy for the entire mission XD
aaah i love C&C


Oh yay, attack of the killer cyborg drones, this mission is great, though i was worried at the start because i lost like OMG two towers OopsOops but thats because they sent massive amounts of tanks at once to begin the mission.

This mission, isn't too hard, the towers you start with are sufficent for defending against the bulk of the soviet attacks on the front door, howeverm the diversions that are sent along the walls rather then at the pentagon, i didn't expect, and i lost...A BARRACKS Oops

2 prims towers and a wall later I was fine, and so i mined and built up a good 15 grizzly tanks, while my defense stopped everything, the only spot left open was the back door, but thats where my war factory was, and where my grizzlies where gathering, so i used my attack group to defend as it was building.

Ultimatly i had 15 grizz's and 3 repair IFV's, to stop terror drones.
I used this force to attack the enemy from the back, and build harriers in the meantime. (by the back i mean, move north along the ore field, cross the bridge past the hospital, and attack everything there)

I slaughtered the two refineries, and had my harriers destory the conyard closest to my base.

then my force attacked the main baase at the NE side of the map and destoyed all but the conyard and several tesla towers, as my forces had taken casualties.

as this was going on, my harriers dropped the war factory and barracks closer to home, which made them sell of everything, and hence, making my victory inevitable.

Big Grin
I just made a few tanks and stormed the coils, which was pretty easy, as i had like 15 tanks again Smile

Of course a harrier strike would have ended it too.

~AMISSION7~ (Deep sea)

easy, the initial navy attack was no problemo, from then i built some more destoyers (and grizzlies + Gi's for defence at base) to aid my two carriers.

I took my entire navy down to the enemy base, made a harrier to fly over the enemy and scout out where the conyard was (harrier died of course)

Then the 2 AC's bombed the crap out of it, and everything else, and all threats were handled by my destroyers, which i had something like 8 of.

btw did you now the sov's can allready build a nuke silo at this point? If you leave them alone for long enough :/

Prism tanks start rolling here Big Grin

Tanya part was easy, because it just easy, woo elite engineers that i didnt actually use for anything.

The base was easy to destroy, because well, you knock out the power...
and then destroy it.
Then it was base building time.
I garrisoned that big arch which i forgot the name of
and well, built a base, attacked their miners with grizzlies
then attacked the base with prisms



oh no! the mirage tank mission!
What i find about this mission is, it's easy, because you hardly get attacked, that is, once you survive the initial assualt when they start building.
Then, it just becomes easy, they rarely attack

I deployed the second mcv at lab, and build around it, i built like 10 miners, an extra refinery, and captured the additional one to the southeast, safe to say I hada lot of money to play with.

I decided to make it harder and not build i built 30 grizzlies/mirages.


It's safe to say this mission was very satisfying. on my part.


We should play co-op against Brutals in a really hard scenario in WR...

...when you get off dialup.


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