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Sign up for Beta Testing for R:ROTC!
Sign up here or there:

When you sign up I'll PM or email a download link. so, either be a registered user so i can PM you, ot leave a name and EMail address if you are a guest.
for those who are beta testing, Revision 2 has been uploaded, simply install it over revision 1, its just rulesmd.ini and artmd.ini.

i'm still looking for more testers.
Forget R2, RPCE #0033 has been released, so, i uploaded R3, because RPCE #0030 compatibility is not RPCE #0033 compatible.

R3 is #0033 compatible, Install it over RROTC04206r1, just like i told you to do with R2.

files in zip:
RPCE #0033 installer (filename is too long to remember)

changes from R1:
Add Fire Immunities (R2)
add missing string "Shark"
fix Cameo link for allied power plant upgrade
Change new dropdown colours a bit, loosing white(Neutral colour), adding dark blue, darkening dark purple, and chaning strings for the new colour.
fix navel AI bug with soviet and yuri.
revert superweapon AITargeting from zero based to 1 based (RPCE #0033 compatibility)
R:ROTC04207r1 has been released for beta testing.
the core mix files were updated, so, the download contains the entire mod.
changes from 04207:
string table fix, dark green and dark purple strings were backwards
lots of new cameos, including the genetic contaminator superweapon, which is disabled in this version of the mod.
some other minor tweaks.
includes RPCE74
It's too stupid to include beta version of RPCE74.
Include at least RPCE74 #0102.

BTW, You have a choose:
RPCE or RPCE74Smile
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

you like doing this to me don't you, i upload a new beta, including RP, hours later you release a new version. i uploaded the mod 12 hours ago.

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