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WHAT the hell is going on? #2
Quote:yet it is the only thing he's actually responding to, totally ignoring all other criticism - moreso
I will write about it later Smile

Quote:he even reinforces my argument by pointing out that nobody but him knows enough to do such updates..
In the status page...
In my opinion, it must be edited by several community members, like
CnCVK, PD, DCoder, Renegade for example,
not via "".

Quote:we knew what to update it with.
However you can sometimes find me on MSN, or ask here directly Smile
And I think all talk about AltPrereq and NegPrereq many times, but noone didn't add it to ModEnc.

Quote:I was merely stating that NewDominator still works

Quote:I didn't say PsychicDominator worked any less than NewDominator.
But AliedG said!
and someone go to ModEnc and change it here Unhappy
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

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