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Wii Codes!!!
As you all know (those of you who have one Tongue) to play online you (most of the time) need the other player's Wii code (and vice versa)!

So here is a thread for posting them:

HopalongTom 3837 8687 0417 7810
Whiteboy 3247 8492 1606 1138
Darksponge 3071 9756 7406 3856

If you like I can have the first post edited with your Wii code so people don't have to search every page of the thread!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Tsk tsk. Firstly, you spelled "friend" horribly, and secondly, I just had to edit it because you called it a FC. They are just called Wii numbers or Wii codes, none of the silly DS FC shenanigans Tongue Also, you won't necessarily need other Wii numbers to play against people online. We won't know for sure until June-ish, when Nintendo brings their online plans full front. So I edited your post quite a bit.

And yes, we shall edit your post with new ones Tongue

You can update the first post with these if you so choose.

[Image: top.png]
[Image: split.png]
[Image: carnivean.png]
[Image: darksponge.png]
[Image: hopalongtom.png]
[Image: icyson55.png]
[Image: whiteboy.png]
[Image: bottom.png]

Damn it! MyBB does the same thing PHPBB2/3 does. Lame!

[Image: hiatus.png]
^^ That rocks.


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