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* COMPLAINTS thread *
Ah yes, caught your attention there. I need to do this detailed user manual soon and release the final version of WR - the final version originally was just going to contain the full documentation - but this is an opportunity.

The final version will include a few more maps made by Truefeel - including a lunar one if he can fix it. It will also include perhaps a new game mode - one with no paradrops (for the wimps who can't defend against them, meh Tongue).

But this is also of course a chance to fix any bugs. Fortunately, so far I have encountered only a SINGLE very minor bug - in the London Allied mission (and perhaps some others) the park benches are invisible (yes, I know, wtf).

So, has anyone got any complaints, comments, bug reports, or suggestions? Compliments would be nice too Tongue

This is pretty much the last chance. The "final release" will live up to its rather... imaginative name.

So far one popular suggestion is to enable the player to place buildings around captured Oil derricks. WR actually prevents this right now - for balance - but it seems people don't agree or just don't care - they WANT to build around Derricks, so I'll change that.

Another thing I may change is the Doomsday Devastator Tank. It can carry things just like a Battle Fortress can, but small vehicles too - and it also travels underground. There is an exploit though - instruct the tank to fire, and when the passengers fire, they will keep firing even if you move the tank underground. This means you are invincible while attacking, though it does require that you constantly keep an eye on the tank to make sure it stays underground.

So, I can change the movement zone of the tank to hovering rather than subterannean to fix this. Or not? Opinions are needed. Personally I don't care if it's a small exploit - I love how it travels underground. Plus, the exploit has the disadvantage of needing micromanagement.

Any good ideas will also be considered. Please note I am at the limits of new structures and vehicles - but I can still add new infantry. The ideas must be practical though - remember this mod is considered finished already and I will not completely overhaul it for some minor idea.

Now, GO! Thumbs up

Keep the Doomsday Devastator Tank's underground ability, it rocks!

And I have no trouble defending against paradrops, just need either 5 flack tracks if Soviet, ditto amount for Gattling Tanks for Yuri or 2 - 3 battle fortress full of GGIs to take out most of the planes and the 3 solders whom may escape the plane!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Heck, not even that - a few Dogs will do it, or some very basic AA, or a few Sentry Guns.... all placed near the drop of course. I never understood why people have trouble with them. They should play the final Soviet mission and see the real threat it can be - when 2 different ones are coming at you and you have a tiny base...

I find dogs harder to micromanage, they always get in the way of my own units fire!

And with the AA, we can take down the planes before they get to us!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]

C&C3 is released here in about 4 hours, I have it preordered and after I play it I may have some mod ideas Big Grin

You can tell a lot of WR is influenced by the Tiberium games. Especially the classified units...

Whiteboy's Rules: Tiberium Sun Rising! Tongue 2

Idea for next mod version 2.0

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
No thanks. Far too much hassle and too cheesy too...

WOW... such a quiet complaints thread... well I'll take this as a good sign of course Smile

or dead gamers?

What was that sound? Did you hear something Tom? Rolling eyes

i'm sure they didn't die of boredom.

No, they died of laughter of course... er, from the joys of playing WR, and, er, they are now resting in peace >_>

thats the spirit Tongue

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