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Enlighten me...
So I'm getting a 360 soon, because it's just gone cheap. But I may wait to see if this rumoured black "Elite" 360 is real (apparently it has a larger HDD and HDMI).

I'm a n00b to 360. I'm also a lazy bastard. I have a general knowledge of the 360 but I'd like some opinions. What games and accessories should I get? Gears of War is a given Poking



*looks in disk bag*
Well for a multiplayer experience go for Halo1 (same console multiplayer) and Halo2 (both also have cool singleplayer with Zombie like enemies), infact go for the Halo tripple pack to get the multiplayer expansion pack also, Perfect Dark Zero (kinda like Goldeneye), and MASHED (for racing)!

For singleplayer go for Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Kameo (not as good as Zelda or Banjo but its entertaining), Tony Hawks Project 8, for a Challenge go for Ninja Gaiden, for a laugh go for Grabbed by the Goulies (don't care what the critics say, I enjoyed it), DON'T GET FABLE its crap, for a role playing game get Knights of the old Republic 1 & 2, and Dungeons & Dragons Heroes if you have a freind or 2 to play with, Sid Meier's Pirates is always fun but the multiplayer could be better, for 2D action go for Metal Slug 3 as is the best in the franchise, and Dead or Alive 3 is good for fighting (Ultimate and 4 have more things to do but I prefer the story in 3), you can get the Grand Theft auto Double pack which has 3 and Vice city which kept me entertained for a whole summer, ditto for San Andreas, and for your superheroing needs get Spiderman 2!

Hope this helps!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
Thanks. Out of all those games - I will probably get 0. Or maybe just Halo 2. I have Halo 1 for PC, and I find it dull as ever... plus "zombie-like enemies"? Isn't that a bad thing, you know, slow and stupid enemies? >_>

If Kameo isn't as good as Zelda, then it is not worth my time (my time is limited so I can only get the best). This also explains why I [i]probably[\i] won't get Perfect Dark, because Timesplitters 2 and 3 > PD (only just). I don't like TH games or Spiderman. Or GTA. Or Pirates,, or Dead or Alive (crap fighting game compared to Street Fighter, and Soul Calibur). Not interested in Grabbed by the Ghoulies or Crimson Skies or MASHED or Dungeons & Dragons. I MIGHT get KOTOR2.

I am interested in the Arcade - most notably Symphony of the Night.

I'm a hard customer, aren't I? Big Grin Yeah, I never owned a 360 before because there are no games I want. However the release of Castlevania and the price drop has got me interested. Thanks for the games Tom, hopefully there will be good ones in the future - like Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4, and... Kingdom Hearts? Perhaps.

Well by Zombie like enemies I mean look and sound like, the "Flood" are actually fast and strong but with enough firepower are easy to kill, but come in great numbers and they don't flinch at all!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
white boy heres my recomendaions for some good stuff.
1:you need the game and charge kit it is a must.[unless you whant to keep haveing to buy battries]
2:get the priemiam edition not the core because prieiam saves alot of cash and time for xbox live.
3:if you have gaming frinds who come round your house get anouther countroler [if you get the windows one you can use it on your computor].
heres some game ideas.
1:try crackdown its the best freeromer except for obivion but thats better on pc
2:gears of war is great but only get if you get on live because its to short lived.
3:burnout revenge is the best raceing game out so try that,itsalso good for meaningless violence.
4:doa is a great beat em up so try that.
enjoy the 360 and i hope to see you on live

ok ok now i know. comand and conqer rocks!!! thanks hopalongtom for opening my eyes
ps.halo 3 beat where are you

Hmmm, thanks (except I'm not getting Premium, I'm getting Elite).

Yes, the Elite Black 360 with a MUCH BIGGER Hard Drive!

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