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WR Comics!
Last year I promised a screenshot comic of Whiteboy's Rules, but as I found out again and again, I have no picture editing talent!

So here is the unedited version with comments instead!

No, that thing has Nukes! Don't Piss it off.

Its too late, take that thing out.

*Static, *Screeems!

This is the end baby, HOLD ME.

We all know Yuri escapes, but this time he escapes while destroying everything I stole from him!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
The actual sequence of shots is amusing, but this could be better, still, a good start. I love toying with the missions. What WR really needs is stuff like this that is educational as well, so people can understand some of the more obscure/advanced features of the mod, of which there are many, so many in fact that I have forgotten a lot of them... :\

I'm moving this to a new thread... Smile

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