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Freedom news round-up
In the last couple of weeks, the mods hosted at Freedom Studios have posted a lot of updates and quite a lot of eye candy.

First off, Rly_BiG_Tank has posted some very detailed unit listing for two of the factions in his mod, C&C: Line of Fire - the Eurasian Union and The Corporation. The third faction in this TC is the Atlantic Coalition, which has not yet been worked on.

And here are some mean tanks for you to bask in:

The Corporation ground vehicles

[Image: 700ed72b1cdf.png]
E40 Heavy Weapons Platform

[Image: 7610f7501896.png]
B12 Main Battle Tank

Eurasian Union ground vehicles

[Image: 69784e6f5b60.png]

[Image: ad23a12206da.png]

[Image: 1a88ac6b5cfc.png]

[Image: 2c443d769773.png]
Battlefield Command Unit

For more updates for C&C: Line of Fire, visit it's forum.

Another Total Conversion mod, X-com: Terror from the Deep led by tallented 3D artist DonutArnold shows it's first Dev. blog. Here are some of the updates shown:

The mighty and formidable X-com Coelacanth tank - render and cameo

The evil Aliens now have walls to protect themselves from human forces![/center]

For some more renders, as well as some explanations on the mod itself, visit X-com: TFTD's forums.

YR: Incursion is a mod, led by Modder666, which aims to change YR into a more likeable form, adding new units, tactics and superweapons to the existing sides. It also brings some units from the Westwood concept boards such as this one - Yuri's Sonic tank:

[Image: yrincursionsonictankmi8.png]
Voxel by SaneDisription

Enough YR modding for one day, let's head to the TS mods! TS: Lost Relic is a new TC mod, led by VEFBl4. The goals of the mod are to change everything from Tiberian Sun - from graphics to music, but keep the dark and apocalyptic feeling, while making things more realictic size-wize and weaponry-wize. As you can see, so far VEFbl4 is doing the job awesome:

[Image: tslrscr1qn2.jpg]
Some of Nod's new units, posing on the infested red soil

[Image: tslrsandyterrainuy5.png]
The new sandy terrain tile

[Image: new_2_165.gif]
G.D.I.'s new Railgun cannon

And last, but not least - another TC mod for TS - Tiberian Glory: Twighlight World is aiming to show us the new tiberian future, following the Firestorm campaign events. The mod is led by Yuri o07 with assistance from DonutArnold (see above) and Mikey-P (a video and cut-scene maker). After some time of inactivity, the mod return to full speed and they already ahve two brand new voxels to show:

[Image: unit01kf7.png]
Nod Recon Buggy

[Image: unit02qr1.png]
Nod Recon Bike
"the mods hosted here, at Freedom Studios" ... I fixed that into "mods hosted at Freedom Studios" to clarify.
The YR mods are really impressive. Terror From The Deep has nice work into it, as does Rly_Big_Tank's work.

The TS mods...? looks like the same old crap of changing unit looks for the post-Firestorm world. Yawn...Those cant be called TCs at ALL! They're just dragging on the GDI and Nod war with new voxels and SHPs. Its all the same stuff. Lets call Mental Omega, (a gameplay enhancement mod) a Total Conversion, too! The TS mod community seems to hate anything unless it continues GDI and Nod ffs. I dont get them....
Very inpressive.... I guess.. Big Grin

Ok, Ive been out of the whole CNC gaming thing.. but from time to time, I do get my CNC games out and play them.. But what gets me is I dont see too many people making new mods for RA2. Most of the MODs I see being made are YR and others.

Does anyone still MOD RA2? Im just curious thats all.. Wtf (disbelieving)

Now with the way I see how some of the MODs for YR has been made, Im tempting to go and try them out. But Im not sure which MODs are the best or which I would like since I rarely play YR.

Maybe I just need to just play them.. Thumbs up

Anyways, this post probably doesnt contain to this thread and will get in trouble with Ren or Dcoder.. Censored

Oh well! o_O
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu -
DCoder Wrote:"the mods hosted here, at Freedom Studios" ... I fixed that into "mods hosted at Freedom Studios" to clarify.

Yeah, thanks for fixing. I was way too tired when writing that. (I also miss-spelled SaneDisruption's name).

@ RB_ImGay - none of those mods are publicly released atm. But you can go to their forums and give comments as the authors actually make them.

@ Desu - of cource they are TCs Tongue 2 They change everything, unlike MO, which uses a lot of old units.

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