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RockPatch Mass Installer Plugin for LaunchBase
EDIT: I renamed the plugin! The programm itself wasn't changed (except of the name labels of course)

I'm proud of presenting the first non-Marshall LaunchBase Plugin!

RockPatch Mass Installer (Plugin for LaunchBase)
[Image: banner.jpg]

It is kind of an setup that allows you to include any RockPatch/revision you desire into LaunchBase.
This plugin only improves the installation of RP versions, LB already has RP support!

  • The files are downloaded from web - That means the installer needs less disk space (all versions together would cover 65 MB disk-space)
  • It includes all versions, even the versions which don't have LB support in their installer are included
  • You can install them all parallel without running a hundred of setups
  • You can now remove them with standart LB remove method
  • NPatch isn't supported
  • Predefined lists to help to select the necessary versions and revisions

The file can be downloaded from: http://launchbase.creativegaming.net/RPMISetup.exe

Version 1.1
  • Included latest LB features
  • Fixed uninstall bug
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.2
  • Removed LB process kill, added warning
  • Fixed problems when losing connection during install

Version 1.3
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Updated description file

Version 1.4
  • Fixed setup routine
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Why isn't NPatch supported? That's not a great advantage, as NPatch has some extreamly usefull features.

Also, you speak of RP. What about RP2?
Maybe I have to post some facts about LB to make ths more clear:
LB itself comes with RP support (and RP2 support of course), but the problem is, that you have to run an own installer for every RP version and that are ~40 files. But there are also some installer left that don't work with LB.
This plugin replaces the mass of Marshall installers and the non-LB installers. You can just select the versions you want and they're installed to LB. Unlike the Marshall installers, there's also the uninstall option from LB included.
NPatch isn't supported by LB. I already managed to get it work but VK didn't like it. (However it was just a workaround, but it worked)
I also think the release policy of pd won't be the same like VK's so there won't be 30 revisions of each version so no need for such a 'mass installer'.

I think I should rename the plugin because it makes you think LB hasn't RP support and that's definitly wrong.

What about 'RockPatch Mass Installer'?
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
(This should be worth a double post)

I renamed the plugin from "RockPatch LaunchBase Support" to "RockPatch Mass Installer" (subtitle: "Plugin for LaunchBase")

The URL to the file was also changed.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Version 1.2 released, see first post for more information.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
You misspelled "standart" in the poll (it's supposed to be "standard").
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[Image: 9853.png]
Professor_Tesla Wrote:You misspelled "standart" in the poll (it's supposed to be "standard").

Sry, but can't change it anymore, thx for reporting!
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
But I can.
* DCoder fixes
There are some spelling mistakes on the info page of the RPMI setup program, but I wasn't going to say anything...
Ever wondered what the hell is going on?
Believe me friend you're not the only one.

Check out Launch Base for RA2/YR - http://marshall.strategy-x.com
Also home to the Purple Alert mod, 1.002 UMP, and the YR Playlist Manager.
I'm checking that, thanks!
Edit: Mistakes fixed, if you encounter more, please post or send via PM!
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Bad news: I managed to delete my NSIS script during a reinstallation of WinXP...
Good news: There weren't any (known) bugs, so I don't have to rewrite it. The (Rockpatch) files are laying on my server, so there won't be problems to modify them.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]

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