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Whiteboy's Rules site is down
I'm surprised that nobody has made a topic about this earlier but I'm sure that you are no doubt aware that Whiteboy's rules website is down!

I'm not sure when it will be up again as I haven't spoken to Whiteboy for a couple of weeks now. But I have had a couple of people ask me what has happened with the site, so I'm making this thread to keep people informed when I get anymore information on what's happening!

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
I've not heard from whiteboy in months!

I'm pretty sure renegade or dcoder must have done that to his site, they were often complaining about security leaks on his site in the IRC.

For all that really want to visit the page:

[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Bob is right. Whitey's site was using php-fusion, and I spent several weeks reminding whitey to update it to the most recent version since security issues had been discovered in his version. He updated to a newer version, which was not the latest, and security holes persisted. In addition to that, there were over 150 pages of spam in his guestbook. At a certain point, my patience was exhausted, and after discussing it with Ren, I locked his site down to what it is now. Whitey said that he would think about updating sometime later. That was over two weeks ago.

Wait, so not only did my upgrade go horribly wrong, but I also never even upgraded it to the latest version? :\

Anyway guys, in case you didn't realise already, my interest in YR has, er, gone down a bit. I currently don't even have the game installed on my system. I've been playing several other games that I love, but WR is still always at the back on my mind. I'd still like to have a website but I'm not willing to maintain it as much as php-fusion requires. I sure hope there are other CMS utilities out there that are just as easy to use as php-fusion yet require much less maintenance. Updating the site every month or so isn't so bad but when it takes so much time it really gets annoying, especially when I can't even update without screwing the site up. I'm sorry, I'm a webmastering-n00b.

But despite the "good" site going down, I still have my "bad" site... the one that's been problem-free and alive since 2004. I'll have to put at least a mod download (V1.5) on it, if not more stuff.

gordon-creAtive, I'd be interested to know what that link is exactly...

#6 is a www time-machine. It works like a search engine but archives the sites it finds, so you can find out how he look e.g. a month ago. The different versions are sorted by dates. In your case:*/

[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Well any body?
What's going to happen?
Wow, you signed up to the forums just to post that?

Well if that's the case then I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy knowing that years after I started this mod, people are still interested in it. I haven't even played it myself recently.

Omega, the mod is finished, just not polished with elaborate documentation (which I still plan to do, uh, eventually). The "preview" edition IS that version. The site isn't important because the whole point is the mod. The site is there to showcase the mod. It was the mod that started all of this and the mod that remains central to it.

Whiteboy's Rules HQ in all its glory may return, one day. But I kid you not, there is a very good chance this day will never come. I have *not* "retired" from modding. It's a simple matter of me moving on, becoming more busy with real life.

Who even knows how long the WR forums will last... or even all of RenProj/STX forums. The WR forums here have lived a long time; they existed on long before RP and STX took their current form. They carry fond memories for me.

The point is, the mod lives. Forums may die. Websites may fall. But in the end, the mod stands, and will always be available for YR players to enjoy. That is as much as I hoped WR could achieve - more than just a bedroom hobby mod meant for one person's enjoyment... I think I succeeded.

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