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OS SHP Builder 3.36 released!
Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce the release of Open Source SHP Builder 3.36 at Project Perfect Mod. This is a nifty tool to create the 2D art to use on mods for Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1 and 2. The main features of this version are the mass frames operations. You can now copy, move, delete and even reverse a massive amount of frames at once (with its respective shadows). The program also includes new ways to export your SHPs as the most common images files, new flood and fill tools, some new image effects and the possibility to paste the content of the clipboard into a new SHP or a new frame.

In terms of bug fixing, this version is also very interesting, but removing many problems that 3.35 had with importing GIF files. Also, some critical rendering bugs that existed since the first version of the program were finally tracked and removed. There were many other bug fixes that made the program become much more confortable to the end user.

[Image: shpbuilder_336_small.jpg]

For the full changelog (which is huge this time), check this topic at PPM forums. For more information on all features offered by this program, check its own section at PPM.

I recommend everyone to update your OS SHP Builder for this version. You can download it from Project Perfect Mod. Support for this tool is available at PPM Forums.

OS SHP Builder has a SVN Browser at the PPM SVN. You can also download the latest contents of the SVN, by using a an SVN client, such as Tortoise SVN, right clicking a directory, clicking in Checkout and setting URL to svn://

If you have a site, feel free to mirror it without asking for permision. You can also play with its source code and add your own features on the program. Just credit myself and Stucuk for the program. Enjoy it!
Thanks for posting useful results of community work on RenegadeProjects!
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
It's always a pleasure Smile

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