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RA2/YR Source Code
Just to answer all the questions I get about this...
You won't find it.
1. Only EA has the real source code. Maybe only in their junk closet, but still, nobody else has it.
2. PaD managed to decompile the executables down to machine code. This is not the same source code EA has, not by far. It is not such a small file, weighing well over 10 MB.
3. Machine code is impossible to understand for people who have no knowledge of programming. It is very hard to understand for people who know some programming.
4. PaD's decompiled code was available for a while from his site, but not anymore. Why?
5. Because, despite points 2 and 3, lots of people with absolutely no idea how this stuff works, downloaded it "just to look at it" or "maybe all they say about it being impossible to understand is bullshit and I'm special enough to understand it!" , looked at it, and deleted it five seconds later. That was quite a waste of PaD's bandwidth (in PaD's own words).

Conclusion: If you didn't get PaD's decompiled code when it was online, you most likely won't get it. But don't despair, there's a 99,9% chance you wouldn't have been able to make use of it.

(Anyone want to append this, msg me. Topic closed in advance to prevent Guest comments like "so wheres the code".)

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