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YR Mod: Keating Konflict Release!
Greetings everyone! Recently we've released the latest version of the Keating Konflict, a mod for Yuri's Revenge using RockPatch (which is included in the zip). Admittably, the Keating Konflict started with very "noobish" beginnings. One and half years ago, we released a 100MB RA2 release, that was rejected by both Revora and PPM. Now, under Yuri's Revenge (and a 7MB download), the game has been entirely rebuilt from scratch. Unit lists, storyline, economies, atmosphere and so on have all been replaced. God willing, this superior release will appeal to all of your high standards.

To better describe the game, here's some screenshots for you.

[Image: 1.jpg]
Here a G.R.A.I.L. AI-controlled incendiary airstrike is fired against some Eagle Enterprise land mines which have been placed around a construction yard to prevent engineer capture. The airstrike revealed over half of the land mines that had been deployed.

[Image: 3.jpg]
Here a small AI G.R.A.I.L. force is defending a Supply Dump, the source of resources in the Keating Konflict. Annoyingly my Supply Trucks are being harassed by the Tractor Beam.

[Image: 4.jpg]
This is a screenshot of an undisturbed AI base. Notice that Helipads spawn free helicopters and Component Towers do not require upgrading. Also notice that most buildings (power plants, anti-air) are larger.

[Image: 7.jpg]
This is a Black Eagle Guild position, surrounding a Supply Dump. The Dark Missile Batteries are key to a Black Eagle Guild strategy.

Be sure to check out more screenshots, unit lists and the download itself at our website, Thank you for your time and patience!

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