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Editing Festival Week
Don't ask what the community can do for you - ask what you can do for the community

In ~ 2 weeks my school career is almost over and I'll have a lot of free time. I'd like to waste this time for the

ModEnc Editing Festival Week

This "event" aims at improving the quality of ModEnc. There are still some categories, that are not well ordered, pages that are not linked where necessary, a huge mass of copied Deezire page (DCoder said ~1600 from 2000) and not enough tutorials.
So I ask the whole community to draw their (active) attention on ModEnc for a week, being more exactly:

14.4.2008 - 20.4.2008

There exists a ModEnc article which holds all necessary information. Feel free to add some points if necessary.

At the end of the period, the best contributor will be chosen in a public vote. You can win a working legal steam account which contains the following games:
  • Half-Life
  • Counter-Strike
  • Opposing Force
  • Blue Shift
  • Half-Life² Episode 1
  • Codename Gordon (ok, it's freeware)
Edit: We got a second prize for you: a Premium Account. For details and up-to-date-information, please visit the ModEnc article.
Edit2: Headline broke new ModEnc layout
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]

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