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Cleaning House
A moderative question that I would like to be solved democratically.
AG recently asked me why "all this crap" is still left here in this forum.

I told him things have been locked ony for archiving reasons, but I kinda have to agree with him, most stuff is about RP1.XX problems or people requesting things who got pointed to the Wishlist / Bugtracker later.

So, what do you think, shall I go through all the threads and just delete all the crap that is of no worth, or does anybody, for some reason, want to have it all kept here?

The main RP discussion thread by Marshall will under any circumstances stay of course. xD

Just to make sure, a few example threads that I would just go and delete:

Bleh, just realizing that this would decrease people's post counts... any problems with that? Big Grin
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A subforum "RP 1.x" could be created for that stuff if you want. Some projects do such splits whenever there's a major code change, which this certainly qualifies as. I see deleting stupid questions answered with RTFM as a good idea. As for the rest of the threads, there certainly are things worth keeping in plain sight and not buried, such as the discussion about new countries impeding map scripting. I'd like to keep the old VK-bickerings online too, as a memento if nothing else.
Aye, a (locked) subforum would be a good place to keep the old stuff.

Alright, house clearned.
The new subforum should be more than visible.

Note: Yes, democracy works with just two people.
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