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ReloadIncrement - Is it possible to have a more confusing flag?
I am severely confused as to what this flag actually does.

The entry from the Guide is rather vague and confusing.
Quote:This can be used to slow down or speed up the rate of this units automatic reloading (instead of being instantaneous). This should be set to the percentage amount to add at every reload increment (which can be calculated by multiplying the units Ammo= value by its PipWrap= value).

And the explanation on the Ammo page seems to be wrong.
Quote:ReloadIncrement, which controls how much ammo should be reloaded, in percent of maximum

I have never seen more than one ammo pip reload at once, so this is clearly not true (feel free to show me otherwise).

Now for the results of my testing, which I cannot make heads or tails of.

This is on a vehicle by the way, so it uses automatic reload logic. I have never gotten manual reload to work for vehicles (again, correct me if i am wrong).


InitialAmmo seems to specify the starting ammo + 1. So if InitialAmmo=0, the vehicle will start with 1 ammo pip.
Then there seem to be two special values:
If InitialAmmo=-1, the vehicle will start with full ammo.
Furthermore, if InitialAmmo=-2, it will start with empty ammo.

EmptyReload works just as expected. It takes exactly 100 frames for the first ammo pip to reload when empty.

After that, each of the next 4 ammo pips (filling up the first pip wrap set) takes 50 frames each to reload, as expected.

The next 5 ammo pips (filling up the second pip wrap set) take 70 frames each to reload. So it would seem as if ReloadIncrement is added to Reload on the second pip wrap set.

But here's where it gets wacky. The next 5 ammo pips (filling up the third pip wrap set) take 130 frames each to reload. Where the heck did 130 come from?

On the final 5 ammo pips (the last pip wrap set) each one takes 230 frames each to reload. Again, I have no idea where 230 came from.

Hopefully someone can make sense of this. Bang head against wall
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Quote:Hopefully someone can make sense of this
someone=DCoder. I'm pretty sure he has an answer for you.
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A more confusing flag? ImmuneToRadiation (among the old DZ forum threads).

As for this bit, I can give you a pseudocode of how ammo reloads work tomorrow. Though it already sounds like it will be a barrel of laughs.
I'm up for a laugh or two. =D
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Slightly late, but here it is: , enjoy.
Woo, fancy highlighting! Thanks!
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Mystery solved:
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