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Solving your Internal Errors
What to do when your game starts spitting out Internal Errors:

  1. Find the except.txt file in the game's folder. Open it in a text editor.
  2. Look at the table of known errors on the ModEnc: Internal Error page to see if the EIP in your except is already listed.
      If it is:
      • Read the explanation.
      • Follow it.
    • If it isn't:
      • Create a new thread in this forum with a meaningful title.
      • Post your except.txt, as well as any additional information (circumstances of the error, what you last changed, preferably your INI files too).
      • Hope that pd, DCoder or maybe someone else who knows how to read except.txt comes along.
Note that the ModEnc: Internal Error page also contains several tips on how to figure out your IE cause as well as making debugging your mod easier. Make sure you have thoroughly read that page if you are experiencing unexplained IEs - some known IE causes have multiple EIPs associated with them, not all of which may be known - but the cause itself may be listed under a different EIP, so read 'em all!
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